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HUG NEWS 64 28th October 20

I thought I would include the group photo that we took prior to house arrest, (sorry I mean Lockdown). It was by no means all the members, just those who attended on the day but it is a good reminder of happier times. If you are not on the photo but are very much involved in our on line activities then why not send in a photo of yourself, it would be good to add them to our Gallery page.

hugukuleletv123 is now into its stride (nearly 60 signed up) and giving us the opportunity to add new features such as guest performers. Thanks go to Bryan and Elaine who got us underway. There are many local groups also for us to tap in to. I featured The D'ukes of Hazard last week. As a courtesy, I have contacted them to make sure it is ok for us to feature them, haven't heard back as yet though. I will feature others over time.

We will also continue to add new to us songs from time to time. One such is Dancing In The Dark which we launched during the Tuesday HUG SOCIAL. This is a Bruce Springsteen song and I think it is great to learn as it is fairly easy and has a lot of energy. The words and Chords can be found on our website. The Video of the song being demoed by Geoff and Sheila (thank you to both for learning the song and videoing it for us to use) is now available on our Youtube Channel. Why not have a go at learning the song more fully. It has been added to the HUG Playalong list of songs for us to, well play along to on Fridays!

(Its a D D U D D strumming pattern).

This Fridays stream will include some Spooky Halloweeny type songs (well might be stretching it a bit but we will play songs with a tenuous link to the dark side!

I will screen the lyrics but will also try to get them available on our website for those who prefer hard copy. May take a day or so though so check later tomorrow.

The songs will be - Bad Moon Rising, Ring of Fire ,Love Potion No. 9 Monster Mash and Time Warp. Bonus point for any of you entering in to the SPIRIT! (sorry!)

Open Mike, its time to get creative again, so if you would like to submit a song then please do. as always the simple rule is it has to be a song we do not feature. Ideally I am now looking for a video by you of the song. You don't need to get too fancy (unless you are a video wizz, in which case I can definitely use your talents!) My preference is for the video to be in Mp4 as it means I can edit in Adobe. Apple uses Mov. and this is not supported by Adobe, so I cannot easily edit. If you are able to do a basic edit of beginning and end thats great. Now the important bit.......

Once you have your video, let me know and I will send you a File Request allowing you to download the video to my Dropbox account. DO NOT SEND ME your vids any other way please.

I will start to feature the Open Mike contributions throughout November. Now I felt that it was unfair of me to keep asking you without doing one myself so I have videoed a contribution, If I can have a go then anyone can!

Poems. It is good to be still receiving poems and more are welcome, just have ago. Thanks to Claud for his really clever poem and the bonus of slides to go with it. We premiered it at HUG SOCIAL but will play it again this Friday along with another.

QUICK LESSONS, thank you again those tuning in early, we will continue to explore ways of playing familiar chords up the neck. The main thing though is to actually build things in to your playing. It is a fact it will not happen unless you make it happen!

Introduction to The Blues, thank you to those who have registered their interest, I will be in touch during November about progressing. I currently cannot take any more names until I know how many of the original people will actually sign up to the course but I will keep you informed.

Heswall U3a, I have been asked to run a taster stream for committee members and will let you know how that goes. I think there is a potential to do more with the stream for the benefit of the U3a membership and certainly would like to do a stream featuring the Original Songs to a wider audience.

Ok so enough waffle from me, stay safe please keep playing (unlike some who have given up)and thank you for your continued support, even when some things don't quite work!

Ps. you are in an ideal situation to encourage people to join in with us playing along, why not encourage them to see what we do.


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