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Our thoughts have turned to how we can as a group start to ease back in to actual meetings. After more than a year of successful on line live streaming we can see that soon we will be able to do what we do best and that is play and have fun doing so together.

There is now the imminent prospect of up to 30 HUG Members meeting up together in order to play. Whilst initially, this is in an outdoor capacity, it will with planning and individual responsibilities, allow us to schedule a meeting for the Friday the 21st May. (weather permitting!)

I am pleased to say that a small group has been working on how we might make this happen. Geoff and Sheila, Dot Burke as Treasurer and Roger Drake along with myself have held an informal meeting. As a result, I am pleased to say we have the opportunity to use the Thurstaston Caravan Park Grounds. (address at the end of the Blog). This will be a good opportunity for up to 30 of us to dip our toe in the water and safely meet up. Thanks go to Geoff and Sheila for facilitating the use of the Grounds.

On our website in the Member Area, I have now put details for you and a Button to press to view the Proforma I will be using for this and further events. It will detail Date, Time, Venue. It also lays out each persons responsibility to ensure they can comply with Regulations and Rules in place at the time. So to be clear it will be your responsibility to ensure that you are able to attend the meet given your own personal circumstances.

I have Risk Assessed the Venue also ensuring that they will have all the Covid Requirements in place for us. I will take responsibility for collating contact information for all attendees for Test and Trace purposes.

In the end though only you can decide whether to attend.

I would ask if you are considering attending that you diary the morning of the 21st May. Nearer the date I will add the details to the Form on our website and obtain confirmation of attendees. The event will be subject to a maximum of 30 attendees so if there is excess of this number than attendance will need to be decided by ballot.


Our thoughts must also turn to the medium to long term meetings indoors. We now find it is no longer viable for us to use Heswall Hall as the room costs and strict more business centred regulations on use make it unviable for us without a significant increase in attendance fees which would have to cover the cost regardless of numbers attending each week.

With this in mind, I am pleased to say that in the future the Caravan Park where we will be meeting outdoors will welcome and accommodate us in their Social Club. Unlike other venues with an hourly rate, we will be paying on a per morning basis with significant flexibility of use. I know a lot of you are familiar with the fabulous facilities use of the club will afford us.

Other benefits would be free parking (we would need of course to be courteous parkers and not abuse this). The Club size allows us to comfortably spread out and refreshments at a very reasonable cost can be made available. The flexibility of the venues use will allow us to make our mornings more sociable, as well of course as playing, something that with a strict time limit on room hire was not possible previously.

There will also be opportunities for us to play gigs at the club and support charities. Of course any celebrations could be catered for. In fact our first would likely be our much delayed HUG Birthday Party! The facilities could even be hired for family parties.

This is a win win for us and of course requires change but for the same amount of subs £3.00 as previous we are gaining really flexible use of a fabulous and welcoming facility in which I hope we will grow and prosper for the good of the group. We have, through our creativity during the Pandemic shown that we all wish to see our group grow and develop. I am just the facilitator, each of you is HUG.


ADDRESS: TCOA (Thurstaston Caravan Owners Association, Station Road, Thurstaston, CH61 0 HL.

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