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Ok, so I share the frustration of the Hospitality Industry when it comes to opening up and finishing with restrictions. We were very much well on with plans for our much, much, much delayed HUG 1st Birthday Celebration and the somewhat delayed 2nd anniversary this year.

Regrettably, all of the language from the Government regarding the removal of restrictions on the 21st June indicate that there will be some form of delay or at least some restrictions kept. From the point of view of planning a celebration this leaves us in the position of trying to second guess how this would affect our party.

With a heavy heart we have to decide to postpone the Party from our original date of the Friday evening of the 25th June. There are costs involved if we had to cancel at the last minute so it is best to await a clearer picture of what the Government is going to do.

It will be a postponement to another date when we can celebrate in style.

I am sure you would all want to celebrate what has been a unique achievement since the start of HUG, something that each of you has invested in to make it a success. But we want to do it as safely as is practically possible.

I realise that whatever date we finally settle upon it is likely that some may not be able to attend because of commitments, I am truly sorry because each of you are valued members of HUG. We will try to give as much notice as we can.

The crunch date is the 14th June for the Government to outline what will happen from the 21st June, so soon after this date we will take a decision.

Please do try to keep Friday Nights free going forward because whenever we do finally party it will be a Friday Night.

Just to let you know what we are planning let me just give you a taster.

Times - 7.00pm through to 11.00pm

Venue: Thurstaston Caravan Park Club

HUG Member + 1 (Capacity dictates only 1 guest per member allowed, sorry)

We will have a grand play along of our favourites, encouraging all including our +1s to sing along, Open Mike contributions and!

Special Guest Performance!

Buffet, Raffle, and Drinks at very reasonable prices.

Although definitely not compulsory, Fancy Dress for those more extroverted amongst us would be fun, any theme is appropriate!

We continue to plan but this gives an idea of what should be an enjoyable and much deserved night of celebration for HUG when we are finally able to go ahead.

We have enjoyed getting back together and meeting up outside with up to 30 of us.

It is testimony to all who have also supported the Live Streaming over the past 15 Months that it has felt that we have kept the spirit of HUG alive.

Our Tuesday Night Live Stream is continuing BUT with a change of emphasis to supporting our Friday get togethers. if you have never joined our Live Streams then it is not too late (all the details for doing so are on our website, it is very easy to do).

Tuesday Nights With HUG is the new name for our Tuesday Stream starting at 7.00pm and featuring recordings of our Friday get togethers to play along to, new songs we will be learning at the following Friday Meeting, Special Features on Ukulele Tips, Open Mike contributions and of course our now famous (and too easy) General Knowledge Quiz.


If you have not yet put your name forward to be considered to attend then please do. Just to be clear, each week members are invited to put their name forward to attend. You will receive an email inviting you to go on the list and subject to the maximum of 30 attending, I will email you on Wednesday mornings to either confirm your attendance or otherwise. If I have more than 30 wishing to attend then sadly I would need to Ballot. As most of you will know attendance will ALWAYS BE SUBJECT TO CONFIRMING BEING ABLE TO COMPLY WITH THE RULES, GUIDELINES AND INSTRUCTIONS SPECIFIED IN THE DOCUMENTS ON OUR WEBSITE. THEY ARE ON THE Member Area Page, (Click to open).



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Hi Dave and all HUG members, I am still here and taking an interest in what's going on with Hug. Just sorry I have not been able to join in. I will be having my operation soon so hopefully then get fighting fit and able to join in on Fridays. Just keep on doing what your doing and ENJOY, Love Liz D.xx

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