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BLOG NEWS 29 IMPORTANT 15th March 20 (there is a Covid -19 update in the members area)

Hi, as I suspected it would do, things have rapidly moved on regarding Covid-19.

I believe we have been right to continue meeting so far but now we have to be guided by advice from U3A. The mortality rate is showing an exponential rise amongst at risk population and a belt and braces response is now appropriate.

We are a responsible group of people and would not want to place any of us at risk. Therefore, as guided by U3A it is preferable for us to cease for a time our Friday meeting. This is not a decision I would wish to take and it is not taken lightly. One fact is we are currently covered under U3A insurance and to meet without this when advice is its preferable for groups to suspend meeting, places organisers in jeopardy.

I have been pre-empting the day when we have to suspend meeting however. My aim is to continue to use our website resource and in particular the Blog to do as much as we can (oh no not more Blogs!) so more frequent Blogs from me!

Today I have bought a webcam with the aim of live streaming playing and sharing hints and tips and mini lessons to you all. If you want them that is.

Only thing is I have to learn how to set things up to enable live streaming! My daughter hosts a similar set up from her studio in Germany so will be guiding me in best Janet and John Book 1 language how to do this. So please bear with me for while and I hope to get things up and running.

Just as a by the by, my daughter contracted Covid 19 a fortnight ago, she kept it from us so as not to worry us. She said she does not want it again but she had 4 days of flu like symptoms cough and problem breathing, a high temperature and headaches and complete difficulty in doing things. Then further week of not feeling great. She is relatively young and fit. She got it from someone coughing in a shop, it took 3 days for it to show. It's that easy.

Personally , I have taken the decision to curtail other ukulele activities for the time being. I am taking the longer view that it is my responsibility to both look after myself and more importantly, not endanger others. Of course it may be that action taken is a massive over reaction but better safe than sorry.

Stay safe, stay well and as Boris would say, don't forget to wash your hands! (mine are sore from all the washing!

Now that the Ukulele has been cancelled I've had to start talking to my wife.

Just found out that she was made redundant from Woolworths!

(I know it's an old joke re worked)

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