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HUG NEWS 10 23rd October 19

Hi all, yes I am still here! Have been busy decorating for the past few days. Well I have put it off for the past 2 years but she who must (mostly) be obeyed persuaded me that work life balance includes decorating and not jus playing Ukulele. No prizes for guessing my wife doesn't play Ukulele!

Anyway back to more important things (she doesn't actually read this). Last week we kicked off the obligatory Christmas songs with Deck The Halls with a split of men singing the words and ladies F la la ing (and Bob). I thought this sounded great and fun to do. Santa Clause is Coming to town was also good once we remembered how it goes!

Christmas songs continued, We will try to add Merry Christmas Everybody by Slade, The Christmas Medley and if we have time Rudolf and Jingle Bells.

TEACH YOUR CHILDREN We will learn a version of this song curated by Barry who will explain the various parts. It is a good opportunity to integrate the various parts into a performance. PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE A COPY DOWNLOADED FROM OUR WEBSITE, or access to the version on the website if you are using a tablet.

GIGS As explained, we are in the lovely position where we are now starting to be offered gigs. The dilemma as always for groups is that not all venues will accommodate the numbers who would like to play because of venue size and Health and Safety restrictions. It is also inevitable that not all of us will want to play in public or be available on certain dates.

To help manage this I will produce a Gig Sheet for each gig with appropriate information on it for people to sign up to. I can then judge if we have sufficient players and singers firstly and then prioritise as fairly as possible to comply with any number restrictions. Hopefully this will work for us.

As explained, there are many upsides to playing gigs, not least it"s fun to get an audience reaction. I just ask that you keep in mind that I have obligations for ourselves and the public under U3a Insurance. So thank you in advance for your understanding.

UPCOMING GIGS I will put out gig lists on Friday for the following Gigs:-

1. ST JAMES CHURCH CHRISTMAS FAIR 23rd Nov 19 Morning limited to 10 or 12 people. Barb will fill in details.

2. GARDENING SOCIETY (U3a) HESWALL HALL (ON STAGE) 2nd December 8.15pm for 30 minutes. No limitation on numbers.

3. HESWALL U3a CHRISTMAS MEET 9th December between 10.00am and 12.00 noon (time and length we pay for as yet to be decided but unlikely to be less than 30 minutes)

again no limit on numbers as we will be on the stage.

Finally, see you all Friday, don't forget if you would like to sing but are hesitant or just not confident just give it a go, you are amongst friends!



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