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HUG NEWS 13 12th November 19

Hi all, The weeks are flying by now to you know what! For a number of us involved in various other groups it appears to be wall to wall Christmas songs repeated over and over. It could be worse though imagine a one hit wonder group from the 60s still performing their hit every night!

Christmas Songs As for ourselves, we pretty much have a Christmas set list now save for some tidying up on some. We can do that this Friday. The following week we can play them all as a set list. That will be the time for us to clarify where necessary, singers., As well as starts stops and any instrumental breaks. This year it is best for us to play it safe with tried and trusted songs. I will put a more user friendly version of the Rockin' Christmas Medley onto our website ready for Friday (minus feliz Navidad!). Just bear with me as I have to totally reformat it.

Teach Tour Children This is starting to come together and is a good addition to our new songs. The aim is for us to learn new songs not necessarily universally performed by others or at least to interpret songs in our own style. In the New Year we will start to add new songs. This will help our learning especially songs we are not familiar with.

Website Just a reminder, the Website is a resource for all of us. Do take the opportunity to explore all the sections. Especially the Members Section where I have posted various help material including links toothed helpful sites.

The Gallery has various photos of the group and this is something I am keen to build on as an archive. It will be good to have some video of us playing. Bit difficult to do when we are all playing!

Crib Sheet I have started working on a crib sheet with reminders of how we format each song. I know how easy it is to forget or even lapse into the way song is played in other groups. Putting our own interpretation on songs helps us to reinforce our identity and makes songs sound slicker. You never know we are in danger of actually looking like we know what we are doing!

Gigs A massive thank you to all who have signed up to play the gigs. It would be nice to have a few more people for the St Johns Christmas Fair 11.30am on the morning of the 23rd November. I realise it is a lot to ask at this busy time, especially Saturday morning.

HUG 2 The new starter group held its first meeting last Friday afternoon and we made a good start setting up how the group will operate, introducing them to holding the uke, the different types and the dreaded tuning! We have a solid 12 attending and they are all enthusiastic (at least at the moment!). Thanks to Len Burgess and Bill Woods for helping out.

New Skills Just a reminder, do have a go at some of the skills we have introduced. Try out some of the easier Inversions in some familiar songs. Also the Riff in Four Strong Winds (I have demonstrated this in Blog 4. These skills are worth trying as they will enhance your playing and enhance the songs.

A few of us are off to see Joe Brown this Thursday, looking forward to seeing him playing his Ukulele again!

See you all Friday


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