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Hi all, the pace seems relentless at present with a variety of gigs and events to attend. Anyone else feeling the pace and starting to flag?

(how well trained, everyone hanging on my count!)

Christmas Meal, before anything else just wanted to express massive thank you to Shiela and Dot for organising the night. We all realise the amount of work done in the background to organise such an event for so many. It was a truly memorable evening and really gave us the chance to get to know each other socially outside of Fridays. great food great company lovely attentive staff and a fantastic atmosphere. Must give a mention to John Kelly who lit up proceedings and orchestrated the pub to join in with us. Safe to say everyone enjoyed the impromptu singalong. The atmosphere was lovely. A common theme was that it was like the singalongs we used to have in pubs! The Manager and his partner enjoyed it. You are famous now in America as they sent over video clips of us playing and singing! Thanks to each and everyone of you for making it a memorable night, so proud. A definite call for more social activities.

Heswall Hall 2nd December 19 Thanks goes to all who were able to come along and play. It was another great learning opportunity for us all. Comments after were very complimentary (you might not have known at the time) Thanks to Roger and Claude for assistance with the PA, very much a learning thing for me. There were a few logistical issues initially as the Gardening Society wanted to put tables on the stage and then expected us to play within a minute of them finishing their Q and A session. After some diplomatic interventions they moved and enabled us to set up! It was clear that a lot of us are suffering with coughs colds and sore throats so a massive thanks of appreciation for such a great turnout.

U3A Christmas Meeting 9th December 19 Our final HUG Gig for this year and it will be Christmas songs for half an hour. Songs will be dictated by the song sheets that have been produced by Heswall U3a but will be the songs we have been covering. I expect it will be a well attended meeting and the audience will be up for singing along. So we will really be leading the singing. This Friday we will have a run through of the songs ready for Monday. Don't forget, Monday is a morning meeting 10 -12noon. I expect us to play midway.

If these Gigs have been your first experience of playing live I hope you have caught the bug of playing in public (not any other bugs!).

Finally, I just wanted to say that the feedback has been really good over the past few gigs and one thing is consistently commented upon. That is that we all seem to be having a lot of fun and put in a load of enthusiasm when we play, thats worth more than anything, even the odd mistake. Thanks to you all.


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