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HUG NEWS 17 10th December 19

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

As we are into our 8th Month together and the year draws to a close it prompts consideration of how far we have come and perhaps more excitingly how much potential we have to develop as a group. We are certainly now starting to get recognised as a group.

Those who have been in the group from its inception, thank you for sticking with it. Those who have joined since our start up thank you. It is humbling to know that in spite of there being many groups to join and play with in and around the Wirral you have chosen to join us. Especially when you consider that unlike other groups you have to become members of the U3a in order to join! Everyones commitment to making HUG a success is really valued, thank you all.

Gig Heswall U3a Again a big thank you to all who were able to play at the U3a Christmas Meeting. It was a lot of fun and we were well received by a bigger than expected audience. You played to nearly 300 people. People were singing along which is always nice to see and hear. So thank you for throwing yourselves into playing and the rehearsals. A big thanks goes to Roger who helped set up the PA and take it down, and to Geoff for the loan of equipment to enable as many to sing as as we could. If anyone has any photos from our various activities then please do share with me so I can post them on the website for posterity!

We also now know how competitive the Christmas Tree decorating competition is! Thanks goes to Sheila for our aptly themed music Tree (it wasn't actually a musical Tree but hey next year!).

Gigs and Events Page I have started to post extracts of the letters of thanks we have received. These are on the Website Gigs and Events Area. They are short Testimonials for others to reference.

Friday I think we have probably earned a break from playing Christmas songs! Certainly those of us who still have Christmas events to fulfil with other groups! So lets re engage with some of our newer songs, reminding ourselves of them in all likelihood! Barry is away on holiday at the moment (lucky thing) so we will pick up on Teach Your Children when he returns. Roger reminded us of the song Dirty Old Town which is in the song list but we hadn't really played. so we will work on arranging this so as to feature his Harmonica playing and singing. It is one certainly to add to the gig list.

We can then have a good request session.

HUG 2 The new learners are progressing really well and applying themselves to the necessary practice. We are now using songs to help learning and will be progressively playing more complex songs, not necessarily complex chords but certainly more complex in chord changes. We have added a number of chords from the key of C and are progressing to more frequent Chord changes. This week we will cover 4 key strumming patterns. As you know strumming is the key to interpreting a song so that it doesn't end up with just a straight up down continuous strum! Strumming patterns along with stop starts, down strums, single strums and appropriate accents on the beat are key basic ukulele skills.

Finally, It is testimony to you all that despite cold, coughs and yes man flu those who were able turned out to play the gigs. For those too poorly or in recovery from more serious ailments we know you were with us in spirit. Get well soon and see you all back fighting fit.

See you all Friday


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