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HUG NEWS 20 14th Jan 20

Hi, yes another week and another Blog!

Really need to find a way of slowing down the march of time. It does seem that the pace of each year gets faster. I think a solution may be to return to work as the weeks always appeared to drag, maybe not though !Pace is just the fact I think of having a full social life and the time to do the things we want to do.

WELCOME. This Friday we should be joined by a number of new people from HUG 2. A big welcome to each of you and thank you for the effort and practice you have been putting in. I realise it can be quite daunting being on the start of your ukulele journey joining a larger more experienced group but it will be the best way for you to progress individually. We have all been on the same journey and I can assure you if you wait to feel ready to join a group you just never will. So its in the deep end and learn as you go! Those in the group will make you welcome and offer appropriate support so don't be afraid to ask, there are no stupid questions. Also wanted to welcome Pauline to our group. Pauline is a long standing member of the Wirral Ukulele Fanatics and took me under her wing to help me when I first started with the Fanatics. I don't mind saying it took me 3 goes at walking through the door to join the Fanatics so I know how it feels when you think you are going to be out of your depth and don't feel ready. The ukulele community is very supportive no matter what level you are at.

TABLATURE (TAB) We made a start on getting to grips with another way of reading music at last weeks meet. If you have not yet had a chance to look at my introductory explanation in the members area it will help in a very basic way to give you some background. Tablature helps us to play Riffs and Melodies of songs, whilst it is not necessary to learn it will enhance your skills and give an appreciation of how songs are structured. Because instead of strumming all strings you will be selecting strings to play individual or as pairs. My philosophy is to be inclusive and show each of you how to learn particular skill. It is not envisaged that everyone will for instance play Riffs or melodies in each song, in fact it would detract from the song if we all did that. Think of it like a group playing, typically there will be percussion providing the tempo and keeping everyone in time, there will be Bass working with the drummer to provide the foundation. The rhythm guitar will do just that provide the rhythm (thats what we do when we strum ukuleles) then there is the lead guitar playing the melody, that is the part of the song that makes it instantly recognisable and the instrumental parts of a song. So likewise for us we are the sum of the parts, percussion and bass, rhythm and lead parts (Riffs). All parts are important to the overall sound. We will continue to learn songs with Riffs requiring reading Tablature to embed our skills.

MARGARETAVILLE talking about Tablature (Tab) we made good progress using the song Margaretaville to learn the Riff. Well done to you all for throwing yourself into this it went better than I dared hope. We will incorporate the Riff into the start and end of the song.

I have amended the PDF version on our website to include the Riff and to put the slightly different chorus in the right place so no more having to jump backwards and forwards.

So in summary, there is a video of the song being played available for you to jam along to, there is a learning version and there is a performing version. Once we have fully learned the song this is the version we will use. It is likely that it is the singing of some sections we will just need to get to grips with. Its not a song to rush through in certain parts.

CHARITY SUPPORT I have received a number of proposals for us to consider supporting so many thanks to those people who I know work hard to support these charities. We will need to decide how we wish to progress regarding charity support. Although we do not specifically have gigs lined up with donations it is sensible for us to be able to be clear who we are supporting.

In no particular order the Charities are Wirral Mencap - local charity supporting people with learning disabilities and their parents/careres, proposed by Jill Troxler. Dale Farm Trust, Day Care Centre in Heswall. For adults with learning disabilities. providing equipment and facilities to enable people perform gardening and horticultural tasks on site and producing organically grown products for sale. proposed by Lin Mason. Clatterbridge Hospitals League of Friends, To provide funds for the provision of amenities and other services for which public funds are not available. proposed by Lindsey Lawrence. Wirral Hospice St John Charity, music links session Thursdays. proposed by Claud Regnard.

I think we can agree they are all deserving charities, we will have tough decision.

MUSIC ON WEBSITE can I ask those of you who use paper versions of the songs to regularly check you have added or updated songs. It is likely that I will add or amend versions of songs from time to time. Likely I will have informed you as I amend (but I make mistakes!). Treat the website as organic always being developed.

I would like us to try out the fun version I have added called U3A Anthem (to the tune of Blowing in the Wind). We can do this in the request session in the second hour if sufficient of us have copied it or have access to it.

Once again thank you for your support of our group HUG it is appreciated.


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