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HUG NEWS 22 28th Jan 20

Hi all, it's already shaping up to be a busy year but hey better to busy doing what you love doing than being bored. Probably like me you have a list of things non ukulele to do. The U3a Anthem is definitely spot on! My saving grace at the moment is the weather because I should really be out pruning trees and overgrown foliage in the garden. something I was supposed to do last year!

(I have posted a video above showing how to play the Riff in Let it Be trying to show finger positions, not easy to do and play as you can see!)

Tablature and Riffs, Our foray into Tab and Riffs was always going to be a challenge for us but in the interest of learning and pushing ourselves they are valuable skills. Learning new skills is what differentiates us from other ukulele groups in that we have an emphasis on learning via new songs. Learning Tablature is definitely a new skill but it is achievable (if you want to). I will always show the whole group the new skill, it is then up to individuals as to how far you wish to embrace it. I notice that one or two of you are playing Inversions, a skill we covered a few months ago. That is playing chords further up the neck, that is great to see.

As we have found learning anything new takes time, consistent and persistent practice in order for it to become something we can do without having to think about it too much is required. Stick with it it will get easier. We have a number of songs where the Riffs enhance the song and we will continue to introduce riffs into these songs. We currently have Margaretaville and Let it Be to work on. If you have not done so already I suggest taking a look in the Members Area of our website where I have written an introduction to Tab.

Open Mike Feature, as a one off launch we were treated to performances by a number of members. I did not want to disappoint those who had put their names forward so our first Open Mike session was longer than it will be in the future.

I am sure I echo everyones view that those performing did a magnificent job and our appreciation goes out to them. That is John, Barry, Roger, Geoff, Sheila (and me!). They got us off to a great start. I hope it has fired you up to perhaps also give it a go, either singly or with a few others. Our next one will be the last Friday in February. This time it will be 15 to 20 minutes. If we have more people we will prioritise those who have not performed and draw lots to fill the time available. We have great talent in our group so don't be shy, give it a go. As long as it is a song we don't currently have in our music list. You will receive enthusiastic support from the group.

Harmonies, We are fortunate to have good singers within our group. Developing harmonies is something I am keen to encourage. A number of our members are now attending a class developing harmonies within a ukulele group run by Rosie (ex Fanatics and now member of Belles and Beaus and Foxy Lady, and sometimes Cillas Back). The harmony class is held monthly at the Ridger Pub, Newton on Monday evening. I am hoping that some of our members attending will share new found harmony skills with us so as to enhance our songs. Sheila and Dot will be able to give you more detail if this is something of interest to you.

New Songs, we have a number of newer songs that are in various stages of learning. We will concentrate on these in the first part of Friday rather than introduce any new songs. As a reminder these are, Margaretaville, Let It Be and Teach Your Children. If you can familiarise yourself with them ready for Friday that will be great. These songs reinforce our learning of Tablature and Riffs and in the case of Teach Your Children song structure and counter melody.

I have however added Blowing in the Wind to our Music list. we have been playing the U3A Anthem to the tune of Blowing In The Wind so I thought it was alogical addition for us.

Tips and Help If you have not yet done so I suggest visiting our Members Area in our website where you will find a Button marked Tips and Help. Click on this Button and it will take you to the menu of Bytown Ukulele Group. Click on Tips and Help from their menu at the top of the page and it will give you access to a wealth of Tutorials and resources aimed at all levels. Try it out and enjoy!

Friday, again, I hope to see as many of you as is possible. A little less frantic than last week!

It is likely we will be entering a period over the next few months when a few people will be away on holiday so it will be good to maintain healthy numbers attending if we can.

Thanks again to each and everyone of you for your support and contribution to HUG.


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