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HUG NEWS 30 17th March 20

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

So when we launched HUG last year I never envisaged that I would have to talk about such issues as viruses ( apart from computer ones maybe!)

As I write many activities and Uke Groups have cancelled their meetings. We are all social animals and it is against our nature to self isolate or curtail our social activities. but this we must do as we put our trust in the experts. I must say I do not envy them the decisions they are having to take.

I applaud our medical staff and it underlines what first class people we have in our NHS. Their selflessness contrasts starkly with with the selfish people who are hoarding and denying others less able to trample over others to take more than they could ever need.

I am yet to understand the instinct to hoard Toilet Rolls given the absolute plentiful supply of them in the system. Still no doubt someone knows why because I don't think the people buying multiple packs of multi pack do other than well everyone else is so I will!

On Line Streaming, An update for you on this. I have been busy buying a Webcam for us to enable on line streaming. this was the easy bit! With massive help from my daughter who lives in Germany I have started to set up the streaming facility. After two and a half hours on the phone yesterday she informed me we are just over half way through set up! She is struggling with her breathing even nearly 2 weeks on and gets very tired.

I will hopefully complete setup today. My aim is to test it out by Friday.

How it will HOPEFULLY work. Once it is up and running I will advise you of what you need to do to be able to receive the live streams (once I know that is!).

There will be a requirement to download some software via an App but that is for later.

I am aware that the majority of us are not computer savvy, so I will be arranging for Roger Drake to be able to offer support. BUT please bear in mind neither Roger or myself know what is required at this stage. We need to get up to speed and know where to get advice from in order to pass on to you.

Also, I am afraid if you do not have access to a computer/Tablet then you cannot participate in the live streams. I cannot realistically see any way around this for you. It is also worth bearing in mind that the age of the computer is likely to effect streaming, as will your Broadband speed. I can only apologise in advance but hope most will be able to participate.

QUE: what do you call four bullfighters in quicksand?

A. Quattro sinko

Aims of streaming, will be for me to facilitate learning by demonstrating to you on line. Also, for us to learn new songs as well as having a strum along to our favourites. You will see me warts and all and inevitable mistakes but I will not be able to see you, or hear you. You will be able to email me with questions of clarification.

I will be aiming in the long run for no more than a one hour session on each Friday probably at an agreed time so that you can log in, say 10.30am. More detail once I am up and running and know what I am doing!

The same bike tries to run me down each day.

Sounds like a vicious cycle

Social aspect, as I referred to previously the power of our group is the social aspect and I would like to harness this. It is likely that some of us will feel socially isolated or even have to self isolate as an at risk person. I would like to invite anyone who feels they can offer support to another HUG member to contact me and I will send out their details. The sort of

things I mean are as per the #ViralKindness help form here.

Finally! about Ukuleles and HUG.

Last Friday was, at least for me, very enjoyable, a lot of fun. Thank you to each and everyone of you for enthusiastically throwing yourselves into our "St Patricks Day Session". Even those who didn't realise they were wearing green!

We played some new songs and I thought it was great that we were able to just get on and play them. Galway Girl and in particular Jills grasping of when to Deedle and when to Diddle Dee was exemplary! I hope you agree it was an opportunity to lighten things and was fun to do.

It's such a shame that our meetings have had to be cancelled but I do hope you all see yourselves as active members of HUG whether or not we can physically meet at the moment.

Therapist: I've concluded that you are incapable of describing your feelings.

Patient: I can't say that I am surprised!

Birthday Celebrations, I informed you that plans are well advanced for our Birthday Celebration on the 2nd of May at Thurstaston Caravan Club. An update is that we have continued to plan for this event. The likelihood, nay certainty, is that it will not take place. But we have the planning in place for when we start up again, so it will be a delayed 1st Birthday Celebration Party and restart party. Thank you to those who volunteered to help, it will be gladly taken up as will those others who as yet don't know that they are "volunteering"! More about this as things crystallise, but do put it in your diary for the 2nd May, I will be asking for numbers sooner or later. The invite is for yourself plus 1.

Marriage Counsellor: so, what brings you here today?

Wife: He takes everything literally. I can't stand it.

Husband: My car.

Heswall Hall, we have been well served by the staff at Heswall Hall and the first class facility we enjoy. It is a time of concern for them as events are cancelled. I have passed on our Thoughts to Bill Woods with our appreciation of their hard work and assistance. We hope we are away for a short time but I suspect reality will be different.

Only remains for me to say keep safe, follow the good advice and keep checking the Members Area on our website for updates and advice about Covid-19, thanks to Claud for this. I hope to meet up with you online soon.


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