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HUG NEWS 32 24th March 20

Updated: May 6, 2020

Been busy counting and sorting my screw supply. You can't have too many screws in an emergency! Hopefully, I will be able to get some multi packs just in case in the shops!!

It continues to be a surreal world. Just a few weeks ago who imagined we would be living in a Country virtually locked down?

It almost feels irrelevant to even be thinking of Ukuleles in such times. BUT, there is no doubt in my mind that it is essential for us to socially interact in whatever creative way we can. Music is a medicine, it is a universal language, it's uplifting. We are very fortunate that we have a skill to make music together, something others only dream of doing or just never quite got round to. We are also fortunate we live in a time where connectivity is so available.

HUGUKULELE 123 Thank you to all of you who have signed up over the past few days. I am hoping by Friday we will have more join us. Spare a thought to those perhaps would like to join but cannot. I wish there was a way around this.

The trial streamings have gone very well, my final trial will be this afternoon at 4.00pm.

I will be planning for our first live stream strum along on Friday.

Before I go in to detail there are some massive thank yous from all of us to some people.

Sheila and Geoff who volunteered to record songs ready for me to play along to and stream to you. Secondly, Roger Drake who has provided invaluable guidance notes on how to sign up to Twitch. Thirdly to my daughter who despite not feeling too good has baby sat me through the setup of public broadcasting. Yes she is a menace by constantly listening in as I live stream and posting chats! I could not have done it without her help. She is also going to act as our moderator and will field the idiots and morons who are likely to come on.

She has years of experience of doing this with her own streams.

I will continue to refine what is streaming over the weeks now that we are over the first priority of getting people able to receive the stream.

Now for Fridays Live Stream 1. It will be a modest start for us. Probably half an hour or so. It will be some favourites for us to strum along to. I will email a list of the songs as soon as I can so that you can be prepared. Do remember, if you normally use your iPad to play songs to unless you have 2 devices you won't be able to so will need a hard copy of songs.

FRIDAY LIVE STREAM 1 The stream will begin at 10.30am on Friday. I am looking forward to it. I am hoping to record it but need to get hold of a memory stick, otherwise I am likely to use up my laptops memory.

Once our first stream is over I will be working on next weeks live stream. I will try to add an element of learning just to see how it works. This will be where live chat comes in to its own.

After I have trialled today at 4.00pm I will need to close down and do a few things. I have a Studio desk being delivered tomorrow so will need to install this and move everything over to it.

Also, I will be working on some things with my daughter. This means if you have notification that I am live streaming ignore it until Friday, unless you want to see what we are doing! It will be boring.

Open Mike. It is the last Friday of the Month and I really want to try to continue this. If you would like to do a song then there is a way. Firstly you will need to use an App called VOICE RECORD PRO. This is how the songs you are playing along to are being produced so we know it works. It is a very simple to use no nonsense way of recording a song. the App is free provided you don't mind adverts!

Once you have recorded your song attach it to an email and send it to me. I can then stream it to the group. Go on give it a go.

Staying at Home, I asked for photos of what you have been up to keep yourself occupied whilst having to stay home. The one at the top is mine. Funnier and more creative the better! We all need to lighten the mood. I will post them either in the Blog or on our website. next time.

I have other ideas in the pipeline but more of that next time.

Quiz, I have posted a quiz on the website in the members section, its about Chords!

Finally, just wanted to say a big thank you for your commitment to HUG. Our streaming is open to the world, so if you know others not in our group but would like to join our streamed strums then let them know how to join in. Don't forget, our music is available on our website for them

Stay safe and I look forward to being with you on Friday 10.30am.


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