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HUG NEWS 35 8th April 20

Hi, so we are all coping in our own way in these unprecedented times. Probably we all know people who are not coping quite so well, a thought for them from all of us.

I finally got in to the garden and made a start in tidying it. Not sure how long that will last though! I also cleaned the car and found out it is not the colour I thought it was!

Hugukulele123, the learning curve goes on but by and large I am enjoying being able to get together, I hope you are also.

Some things are becoming clearer now so I thought I would just outline some things for you:

* I will live stream our strum along on Fridays at 10.30 a.m. BUT I WILL LIMIT IT TO 1 HOUR. this is because it appears if we are going to have problems it is in the second hour.

So that we can make a prompt start I will start to stream from 10.20 a.m. for you to get on line and get ready. First off you will see the detail stream of date and time and not me (Yea!)

You are on the live stream when you can see this screen.

I will start playing from 10.25 a.m. to ensure the sound is ok.

We will then start the strum along at 10.30 a.m. for an hour.

Song List, on Thursday I will indicate for you the songs we will play at the Friday live stream. IN OUR WEBSITE MUSIC PAGE I WILL HIGHLIGHT THE SONGS. So just check out the website if you want to get the songs ready, I will try to do this in the morning.

During the live stream I will also play any recorded messages I have received from you.

I will try to feature a Band who would have been playing at the Summer Strum.

The good news is we have built up a catalogue of songs to stream and from next week we will start to play requests using this list. More about this next week.

Website, our site continues to be a good source for communicating things. In the Music section I have adapted the song list to indicate which ones are available for the live stream, we will continue to add to this list.

Hugquiz, we had our first quiz night on Tuesday at 7.00pm. I was joined by 10 or so others. Ok so what we have found out is we are not A level quizzers!

Big thanks to all who threw themselves into the quiz though and had a nice drinkies at the same time!

Team Susanne the all Powerful and Paint and Pastry (Geoff and Sheila) were the only teams to share their scores. The others were I think too modest to boast how well they had done!

Just to say, I did the quiz before knowing the answers and got 19 and a half out of 35 so we were in the same ball park.

I will make a few changes and have another quiz on Tuesday:

*I will limit the stream to one hour. AND rest assured! I will adapt the questions (dumb down) to give you a fighting chance!

I will limit it to 20 questions. It's really just an excuse to meet up again and for you to chat.

So I hope more of you will join in next Tuesday at 7.00 p.m. We will strum a couple of songs as well.

Easter Hats, how are we doing? As I asked last week it would be great if we can see as many as possible with their wacky hat. If you want inspiration on what is possible Susanne Powell and Liz Davenport have sent photos of their creations that I have put into the website. A huge thank you goes to them for their creativity and hard work but I would like more, so get creative.

What are you up to? I asked last week what people are doing but haven't received anything as yet. So how are you passing your time, what is going on locally to you, how are you supporting each other. let me know or photos and I will post onto our website and in the Blog. (as long as it is legal and decent!) As I said, in our road we are going to have a singalong on Thursday.

Right, off to enjoy the weather now and visit the composter that I discovered at the bottom of the garden.

Look after yourselves see you Friday, and keep spreading the word if there are people who would like to join in with us.


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