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HUG NEWS 36 15th April 20

Hi, over 3 weeks in Lock down or for some at risk, Social Isolation. How our world has changed! Don't you find that, not withstanding the selfish minority, the vast majority of people are thinking of others, sacrificing freedoms for the greater good and reconnecting with the things that are important. That is, our family and how we can support each other, let's hope it's not temporary.

hugukulele123, the channel continues to develop and new people join us. A big thank you to all of you who have signed up to Twitch and our channel. We have people who are not on our mailing list joining us, simply because they are not on the U3a mailing list. But, please do pass on any communications to them. They are part of our on line community.

Tuesday Quiz, this week we had a lot more join us so thank you if last night was your first time. For me it was a lot of fun and who cares if you don't know the answers! Clearly a little bit of alcohol was involved in some teams! (Roger we presume it was alcohol!)

I have christened the quiz at our virtual pub THE HUG AND LETTUCE Tuesday night quiz.

Now we have the level, I will continue with a 60s theme.

Thanks go to Ev for virtual food, (great to have HotPot and Crusty Bread) and Jill for the virtual Cocktails. Recipes can be found on our website, members area. Jill posed some questions about the cocktails. Take a look and let's see some photos.

Next Tuesdays quiz is hosted by Roger and the virtual food will be Mongolian based!

Don't yet have someone providing the virtual drink, any offers? can be from anywhere in the World. Be creative and give us a laugh!

hugukulele123 the Friday live stream is now being well supported and it is great to have people join in with us from outside the group, they are very welcome, the more the better. Please do extend an invite to join us to those frustrated uke players or even non uke players.

Our streaming song library is continuing to grow. Next week we will start to play requests. I will explain more next week.

Songs for this weeks live stream, so that you can have them ready, I will highlight the songs we will play on our website (, Music menu). I will do this on Thursday PM.

I'm so formal I've never been involved in an argy bargy, or if we are going to be formal about it: "Argentina Bargentina".

Easter hats, thank you for some pictures (not as many as expected) I have posted them onto our website in the Gallery.

Rupert and Teddy Edward being in the very

elderly vulnerable category are taking no

chances whilst self isolating!

So come on guys get creative, involve grandkids and let's see some photos.

Recorded Messages, I have not given up on receiving recorded messages from you that I can stream to the group on Fridays. Some of you have used Voice Record Pro. Would love to receive a 30 second message to the group from Barry, Sharon, Roger and Geoff and Sheila. Anyone of you is more than welcome to record and send me a message, its quite easy and in fact any voice recording app will likely work as long as you can attach it as an email.

I've got an Eton-themed advent calendar, where all the doors are opened for me by my dad's contacts.

Claim to Fame, I know from conversations I have had with some of you that you have vast life experiences. I want you to share with the group your personal Claim To Fame, it needs to be short and sweet.

Let me start things off, - "I have been on stage with Led Zeppelin".

Email me your claim to fame, its not a time to be modest!

Hillsborough Remembered, on this day 1989 sadly 96 people lost their life simply attending a football match. Whether a Red, a Blue or none, a moments thought for them and their families.

HUG Anniversary, we are fast approaching our 1st Anniversary of the start of HUG, The Heswall Ukulele Group. We had planned a celebration party get together on the 3rd May.

Well guess what we are going to have a virtual celebration!

So keep an eye on our website because there will be a RSVP Invitation to our live streamed 1st Birthday celebration. More information will be forthcoming! If you are not yet streaming with us but could, you will miss out.

Quick tip: When too tired to do all the things on your To Do List, try a To Don't List.

Simply write all the things you're not going to do and then.... don't do them. Huge sense of achievement with none of the effort.

Stay safe, stay well



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