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HUG NEWS 4 28th August 19

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Well it was a very hectic bank Holiday weekend. For those of us who played on all three days it was fun but a challenge! Sunday at Thurstaston Caravan Park was great day and Geoff and Bob in Silver Saddles were excellent. This time the weather was kind to the day unlike last year when it poured down.

Monday saw quite a few of us performing at the Greave Dunning in Greasby. It was a marathon 1 and 3/4 hours and lots of fun, lots of positive comments and 3 encoures!

Friday is coming around again and I thought it would be good to continue making our way through the music in alphabetic order interspersed by our newer songs. We got to F in the song list last week so lets pick it up from there. Lets warm up with Hello Mary Lou.

We will get to the Js so we can do Jackson, if you have hard copy a suggestion would be to highlight the different parts or at least the parts you sing whether female or male to make it easier to know when you come in singing.

I would like us to continue with the aim of adding a new song each month so I will highlight Septembers on Friday. As before it will be for us to work on over time until we are happy with it, then it can go into our list.

I have had a suggestion to add Teach Your Children, the Crosby Stills and Nash Song to our to learn list. this is a great song and will allow our singers to add harmonies. If there are any other song suggestions let me know.

I do not know what is happening over getting people signed up to Heswall U3A but best be prepared in case the membership secretary turns up!

I have done a quick video of the Riff from Four Strong Winds. It is played on the G7 chords at the end of the verse lines. It will require you to use your little finger but this is good practice for getting used to using it when playing. I would recommend just playing down strums when you play it. Start very slowly and only build up speed when you are comfortable playing it. As a rule of thumb, see if you can play it consistently 10 times on the run. If you mess up then you start the 10 all over again, this way you will find that it just becomes second nature.

Once you feel you have it then play along to the video of the song to get your timing right.

This Riff really enhances the song and mimics Neil Young who is playing a 12 string guitar.

Have fun. (Hope video works, having to learn as I go!) It may take a little while to load.


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