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HUG NEWS 41 20th May 20

Hi, so another week goes by, we seem to have settled into a routine now. Some are good because they help keep us sane by having some certainty and structure. Others are just out of necessity, like social distance shopping or exercising. One thing I have resisted, is watching TV during the day though. The big challenge now appears to be releasing ourselves from the fear so we can get on with living our lives by learning to live with the virus by doing the things that reduce risk. We live with risk everyday of our lives so there is every reason to be optimistic we can.

Our live streaming has held us together during the darker times but thoughts inevitably turn to the future. I would guess that opportunities to get together outdoors will supercede meeting indoors with all the difficulties that entails. With good weather and when permitted, playing outdoors is something I would be keen to explore doing, maybe me and the dog though!

hugukulele123, just a very quick thanks for continuing to tune in whenever you can. Thanks goes to Roger for helping me balance the sound. Not to bore you but I radically altered all the kit last week and didn't have Kate my daughter to help as she is busy trying to save her business and so Roger stepped in. We are now moving towards introducing new songs, more on that later.

Hug & Lettuce Quiz, again thank you for joining us in the quiz, definitely now know the 70s is a rich era for us! As a lot of you said you were in school in the early 70s now I know why the 60s was a challenge!

Last week Paul promised to wear his 70s gear. So here he is in his pulling pants! Eat your heart out ladies!

Song Writing Challenge, the current situation has led us to be creative in how we meet and how we play together. It has also highlighted that we can tap in to a lot of talent.

This may be ambitious but I would like to set you a challenge. That is to write and perform a song!

There will be 2 categories, firstly, you can write new lyrics (words) to one of the songs that we currently perform. As an example, I rewrote the words to Brand New Key. Using the same tune I wrote Brand New Knee. I offer this as an example, I am sure you can do better!

So category one you don't need to write the tune only new words.Just select any of our songs to reword.

Category 2 to write a new song in total, that is words and music. I can hear some people say they are up for the challenge and others just dismiss it. I would only say that you never know what you can do if you don't have a go. You can always just bin it.

There are no rules to writing a song but it probably helps if there is a rhyme! It doesn't matter which way around you do it either, it can be tune first and then fit the words or vice versa.

You may want to collaborate or do it on your own, either way just give it a go you will be pleasantly surprised by what you can do. Taking an event from your life and using that as the theme can be good stating point to writing. Don't be put off by recording, if you have a song we can sort this for you. Any questions or help just let me know.

We will feature the songs at the end of June so you have loads of time to get creative!

New Song, it is time for us to dabble our toe in learning new songs. With this in mind can you please download On The Road Again (in C) from our songlist. This is a pdf in learning form initially. We will use this on Friday for an initial play along. As we used to do, I will play a version for us to play along to as we learn the song.

Photos, if you have not yet done so please do take a look at the Gallery Area on the website where we are now building up a photo history. I have added a photo in from Dot from the Party.

Basic Blues, I offered to teach very basic introduction to playing the Blues last week but have had no takers so far. Just to clarify, this would be a gentle introduction to what is in fact an extensive subject. I promise I don't bite!

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain just to remind you the UOofGB are streaming a session each week where one of the members is doing a play along with three songs. It is streamed on Thursday night at 7.00pm for 45 minutes. Go to their website and you can download the songs ready to play along to. It is a lot of fun.

Over the weeks you have no doubt kept yourselves busy with gardening decorating and hobbies. After the hectic set up and special events for us over the past weeks I now find I am in the position of doing all these things albeit 2 months later! So another day in the Garden awaits!

So Keep safe keep playing. Playing the ukulele is so much fun but it is so much better to be able to play along with you.




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