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HUG NEWS 43 3rd June 20

Isn't that typical, they ease the rules on numbers you can meet and hay presto the weather changes and it rains. After weeks and weeks of fine weather the chance to meet up with family and friends outside was really welcome. I am sure we all have people we have been longing to see. The chance to meet sit in the garden and shout across 2 metres to each other is priceless! Oh well Brollies out!

hugukuleletv123 well our Friday stream was a bit of a challenge, and for once it wasn't problems with my software or equipment. It appears that the broadband provider had a problem. My router was embedded underneath a fixed cupboard requiring partial dismantling to get at it, so after frantically dismantling the cupboard and rebooting the system we finally got back on line about11.30 and played for half an hour to a few hardy souls who managed to rejoin us. Talk about being deflated! I thought I had resolved things but my daughter informed me that it was unlikely and more the case that the provider quickly resolved the fault and it had just been a coincidence that it comeback on line after I had dismantled and reconnected everything! One thing I have done now though is move the router into the cupboard rather than under it!

We didn't get a chance to include our Open Mike contributions so we will do that this week along with a set list so as to keep things moving along., as I update the website I wanted to recognise those of us who helped launch HUG by recording names for our history. I have put names that I have so far onto the website but I want to ensure that we recognise everyone from that first meeting who are still part of the group.

My apologies if I have not yet recorded your name but rest assured this list is work in progress so please let me know so I can add your name to the founders. I have an original list but in the process of clearing the room to convert to a studio I hastily boxed everything and stored them so the list is not easily to hand.

HUG & LETTUCE QUIZ, we had our quiz last night but had an altered format because we had songs outstanding from Friday that we hadn't managed to play. It would appear that the format of quizzing and playing songs was popular and so this is the way we will go over the next few weeks. I was very conscious that I did not want to outstay my welcome on a Tuesday night. From the outset the Tuesday quiz had been mainly about giving us all a focus and excuse to socialise during lockdown rather than only meeting up on a Friday. It has never been a serious evening. As we move towards opportunities to meet up with loved ones and close friends you will all inevitably have other calls on your time, and rightly so.

I am going to dip a toe into streaming Karaoke songs as I know a lot of you love singing along. Firstly we will trial it before I purchase more extensive software and catalogue of songs. So I will list available songs and see if anyone is interested. Now here's the catch! I would like you to capture your performance on your phone if you can, (or other device if you have one). Or using Voice Record Pro, record yourself singing along. We can then share these performances!

So in summary Quiz night will evolve!

Here are the Karaoke Songs to choose from. I can provide lyrics for these songs.

When a Man Loves a Woman - Percy Sledge, Dancing Queen - Abba,

When Will I see You Again - Three Degrees, My Girl - Temptations,

Sailing - Rod Stewart

Delilah - Tom Jones, Woden Heart - Elvis Presley, Peggy Sue, - Buddy Holly,

Crocodile Rock - Elton John, Love Is All Around - Wet Wet Wet,

Can't smile Without You - Barry Manilow

Summer Of 69 - Brian Adams, Like A Virgin - Madonna,

I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor,

Black Is Black - Los Bravos, It Only Takes a Minute - Take That

Back For Good - Take That, Wonderwall - Oasis, Crazy For you - Let loose,

Stay Another Day - east 17, Re-light My fire - Take That,

Love Me For A Reason - Boyzone, Eternal Love - PJ and Duncan,

Unchained Melody - Robson and Jerome

Let Me Know if you are up for it and which song you are going to "perform"!

I will then stream it on Tuesday night ready for you to record your performance!

Song writing, After receiving a couple of entries last week I have not had anything else. But I am ever the optimist so have to believe you are busying away either having a go at writing new lyrics for a current song. Or the more challenging, writing a brand new song!

You have until the end of the month so I do hope a few more will give it a go. Don't be harsh on yourself, to create a new song or adapt a current song is a challenge but believe me the feeling of creating something that is unique is powerful. I have talked about using the 4 magic chords and said have a look at the video from The Axis of Awesome. Also using rhyming dictionaries on line. Another technique I have used is to identify all the major and minor chords in a particular key and just play around with combining some of them together, fast slow, different strums and just see what happens. Very often you will fall into a pattern (make sure you don't default to a song that already exists though!). Once you have a tune you can then fit words to it. It will just then evolve. The main thing is to start!

So, what have people been up to with your new found freedoms? I have been landscaping the garden and as I said I have been using a scarifier to strip my lawn of moss and weeds.

I may have gone too far though because it is so much fun! Now I have a patch of soil!

So just as I need to reseed and water the growing seed they suggest not watering your garden as water is scarce. It's everyones fault forusing more water by

doing something they should have been doing without being told and that is WASH YOUR HANDS!

See you all Friday, take care


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