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HUG NEWS 45 17th June 20

So another week goes by and whoopee we can go to Primark! It des seem to me that the Government is holding on to the coat tails of the people who have sensibly weighed up their personal risk and are largely doing what is sensible within the rules to protect themselves and respect others to get some semblance of a life beyond lockdown.

hugukuleletv123, I continue to value and enjoy our Friday sessions and featuring the many talents within the group. The bonus is the refreshing contribution from our new found friends from Bury, the BBC Massive.

The open mike contributions keep coming and thats great, so we are able to feature recordings every week as well as playing songs from our song list. I am trying to mix up the songs we play each week so that we keep playing all the songs. this Friday we will feature a couple of newly recorded songs to keep us moving along. They will be Iko Iko, I'll Tell Me Ma and Singalong Medley 1. So do get them ready.

HUG & LETTUCE QUIZ, thanks to all of you who support our Tuesday Night Quiz, not too serious but a chance to meet up on line and play some songs as well as quiz. I would still like to encourage Karaoke contributions so here is a reminder of the available songs to choose from:-

Back For Good, (Take that), Wonderwall, (Oasis), Crazy For You, (Let Loose), Stay Another Day, (East 17), Re-light My Fire, (Take That), Love Me For A Reason, (Boyzone), Eternal Love, (PJ And Duncan), If you Only Let Me In (MN8), Unchained Melody (Robson and Jerome), When A Man loves A Woman (Percy Sledge), Dancing Queen, (Abba), When Will I See You again, (The Three Degrees), My Girl, (The Temptations), Sailing, (Rod Stewart), Delilah, (Tom Jones), Wooden Heart, (Elvis Presley), Peggie Sue, (Buddy Holly), Crocodile Rock, (Elton John), Love Is All Around, (Wet Wet Wet), Can't smile Without You, (Barry Manilow), Summer of 69, (Bryan Adams), Like A Virgin, (Madonna), I Will Survive, (Gloria Gaynor), Black Is Black, (Los Bravos), It Only Takes A minute, (Take That).

Just let me know in good time so as I can get the lyrics out. Remember the aim is to record yourself singing to the backing track. You don't have to be good!

Song writing, a really big thank you to those who have composed a song or even songs. It's not too late to give it a go. I am looking forward to sharing the songs. I think some have developed a taste for composing. I hope it is something people will continue to do.

Cat Update! great news, the cat came back today and just resumed its ownership of our house and garden! We are really pleased to have it back and clearly it is happy to be back. (its not dead in the photo it is asleep in the sun!) Just have to negotiate its "owners" who persist in locking it in for days on end in the forlorn belief that it will make it stay with them! I don't think they understand cats! You don't own a cat it owns you. We would be happy to be owned by this one.

Boring Bit! I am excited, I have a broadcasting quality Microphone being delivered. It is the same type that radio stations use. Also close to the upgrade to my Broadband speed.

Look after yourselves and as soon as we can meet in numbers we will do even if it is outdoors to start with.


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