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HUG NEWS 46 24th June 20

Hi, well another week goes by so quickly and we continue to make the best of what we have been dealt over the past few months. Hands up if you have always run your life using a common sense approach? Just give me the information I need and I will happily assess the risks and take responsibility for my own life and respect for others. Why is common sense such an alien concept for so many?

As changes are made to ease lockdown it is good news that a lot of things we took for granted are now becoming available to us, with of course the necessary common sense safeguards. Please do remember the excellent daily updates that Claud has been providing. Refer to the Member Area on our website for the updates.

Sadly it would appear that that our activity of gathering and singing collectively is not allowed just yet. The advice is that Choirs and such are not allowed to meet and sing. I would place us in the same category.

So, for the foreseeable future we make the best of being together each Friday morning at our live stream sessions on hugukuleletv123. It is really humbling that so many of you continue to support our efforts to sing and play and keep our community together.

One change that will help us is that we can now meet with up to 6 of us. We trialled recording a few songs in my garden and learned a lot! We went for a one take approach with variable results! But at least we now know what is required and will get better. Thanks go to Geoff, Sheila, Sharon and Roger, those who have been providing the recorded songs for us. Special mention for Barry who is unable to join in but would have been included.

We have been joined on line by our friends from Bury, you will find photos of the Bury BBC Massive in the Gallery on our website so you can put a face to the name.

On the streaming front I have now got a radio broadcast quality microphone! My new computer is being built for me by my daughter over in Germany. Streaming will never take the place of meeting and playing live together but it has shown that it has its uses for the group. As we develop it will be a useful tool for learning sessions, in particular demoing new songs and techniques ready for us to apply at our regular Friday meetings. I will fill you in on enhanced capabilities for us as time goes on.

Songwriting, thank you to those who have submitted songs, you have excelled yourselves. If you do still want to submit a song I will need it by tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) to include it on Friday. I will play the songs to the group during Fridays stream, I am sure you will enjoy them.

HUG & LETTUCE QUIZ, thanks to those of you supporting the Tuesday Night Quiz. I will continue for the foreseeable future bu am ever mindful that there are many calls on peoples time as lockdown evolves.

U3a Membership. Before we went in to lockdown we were renewing memberships and were able to get a lot of our group re-signed to the U3a. I know some where not able to renew but wish to, I have asked for guidance on getting those who want to re-sign. For some though who have not renewed their membership our records are showing that membership has lapsed. As a consequence participation in the Ukulele Group will also lapse.

New members, one consequence of lapsed members will be the opportunity for us to recruit new members to the group. I had held the membership at 50 in order to ensure we had capacity at our meeting room. If you know of individuals who would like to join us then please do encourage them to do so, they will be made very welcome.

Finally, look after yourselves and make the most of this lovely weather.

See you Friday.


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