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HUG NEWS 5 31st August 19

Hi there to everyone and thanks for Fridays session, we covered a lot so sorry to be a bit of a slave driver I just wanted us to move our newer songs on before I am on holiday! Learning songs that are unfamiliar is particularly a challenge so finding a way that works for us is key.

Whilst we will always play familiar and favourite songs, learning new and unfamiliar songs is a good way to improve your playing and singing. As always, there is an open invitation to come up and sing so don't be shy, you can just come up and sing and not play if that is better for you.

I think we can now include Four Strong Winds in our Song list. I thought it sounded great. particular thanks to Sheila and Geoff for taking the lead on the vocals it was a really good job. Don't forget to practice the Riff in the song, if you would like to play it (its ok not to play it though) it would be good if a few of us play it.

Ripple is almost there now, again it sounded great and thanks to you all for throwing yourself into it and singing. It is the singing that is the dominant thing in Ripple. If the song is new to you I hope you like it. The only thing for us to do now is to tidy up the beginning intro. I am clearer now about what will work for us. We will have a 4 count to bring in the Bass who will play a 4 count intro. So I will count the Bass in and the Bass plays 4 notes. We then all come in on the 1 of the next bar (each bar is a count of 4 so it would be G234 and so on). I will modified the intro to Ripple on our website as I think it will be easier for us to "La lah lah lah" over the intro chords (like we do on the final verse). Check this out in our song list when you can and update your version. If you can, please highlight the end, it is a G and we play a down strum and hold it, basically let the G chord ring out. This way we all finish together, trust me it will sound great.

When I'm Dead and Gone is also is also virtually complete. The ending seemed to work if we play and sing the Ooh la las another 4 times after the Mandolin stops playing, the ukes then finish on a single strum.

I am away on holiday from next Thursday for three Fridays. Back on the 27th September. Whilst I am away, Geoff will run the sessions. Thanks Geoff.

I have posted a new song for September for us, it is Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. This is in the key of G (should help the men sing!). It includes Riffs for us to learn. There are 3, first the Intro and the second and third ones in the verse. The intro Riff is just played at the start of the song as the chords are being played. Then during the verse there are 2 parts to the Riff. These Riffs are played at the end of each line. Don't be confused with the way the Riffs are laid out, they are NOT chords. You just play each Riff at the end of each verse line, like this, Love is a burning thing (then play riff on A string 55555735), And it makes a fiery ring (then play riff on A string 22222302). Bound by wild desire (then play riff on A string 55555735) They are not really hard as they are played on the A string. I have demonstrated them for you below..........

This is the Intro Riff (The Tab for it is at the top of the music sheet

This is the Riff at the end of the first and third lines of the verse

This is the riff at the end of the second line of the verse

Playing the Riffs are a good way to learn about something called Tablature (it is referred to as Tab). Tabs are a way of showing how to play individual notes whilst others are playing chords. It is not necessary for us all to play the Riffs, so if you are not quite ready to play them yet just play the chords. You will recognise the tune the Riff makes within Ring of Fire.

This will be a fun song to play I am sure and I look forward to playing it when I return.

Heswall U3A. Thank you to all who have now signed up as members. As I have said it is a great organisation with many varied interest groups and events for you to get involved with.

Heswall U3A celebrates its 10th anniversary in September, so do try to get along.

Social. As our group becomes more established it will be good to develop a social side. With this in mind Dot Burke and Sheila Withe have volunteered to take this on. I am sure if anyone else would like to be involved with Dot and Sheila they will be welcome.

I wish you all well, happy uking and I will see you in a few weeks or at Greasby Monday or WUFs Tuesday.


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