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HUG NEWS 50 22nd July 20

Oh the simple pleasure of a haircut! Isn't it odd how we now appreciate some things we just took for granted but when denied them they take on a level of importance in our lives. My haircut was literally a weight off my shoulders.

We reach a minor milestone with this Blog being our 50th. it is testimony to the group and all your contributions that it has never been difficult to come up with things to talk about. Only just over a year old but we have achieved so much together.

hugukuleletv123 It is so good to know there is a core of followers for our Channel on Twitch. having now resolved some technical issues the stream is more robust. I think we hit upon a blend of play along favourites, contributions via open mike and lately the challenge of writing and performing original songs. This in particular has proved to really release the inner creativity of a lot of you. I am certain that some of you had never really considered that you could write original songs. The circumstances prove the saying necessity is the mother of invention (hmm, great name for a group!). Please do keep on writing, or have a go if you haven't as yet. I promise promoting creativity and learning is a key part of what the group is all about.

Songs for Friday, please do email me with requests ready for our Friday streams. So far i have Whiskey In The Jar. Send requests to Any of our songs highlighted in Yellow (they have been pre recorded).

Quick Lessons, we will be continuing with our next Quick Lesson 4 on Friday. As by now you know we are using Let It Be as the vehicle for our Lessons.

On Friday I will get us playing the intro and perhaps a verse and chorus.

On our website I have posted some short demo videos. The Quick Lessons now has its own dropdown menu on our website. Go to Members Area and Quick Lessons will drop down, click on this to open the page.

As soon as I can I will post Quick Lesson 4 for you, I will email when I have done this.

HUG AND LETTUCE. Our Tuesday night quiz has a solid following and we have a lot of fun not taking ourselves too serious. With a mixture of General Knowledge, music quiz (an excuse to sing and dance!) and playing some of of our longstanding songs we pass a couple of hours together. If you haven't joined in you are more than welcome to join us. i promise its not too hard.

STOP PRESS! I am pleased to tell you that very soon we will have our own Youtube Channel. this will open up new opportunities for us. Firstly, I will move the Quick Lessons to the Channel. This will allow me to very easily post the learning videos. You will then be able to view and use them as and when you want to.

Also, our Youtube channel will be the place for your videos to be posted. When we can, I will encourage your short video contributions. This could be you performing a song, or playing along to the stream, open mike contributions etc. It will mean people can see the great creativity we have in the group. Yes anyone in the whole wide world!

I will be putting a link to the Channel on our website and vice versa on the Youtube Channel.

When I get the new PC I will be able to stream youtube into our Hugukuleletv Channel.

I will keep you informed of developments.

Next weeks, as I have said previously I am on Jury Service for the next two weeks from Monday 27th July. We have been streaming without a break for over 4 months and so I am reluctant to stop streaming but cannot stream as normal. I am going to stream from 7.00pm on the Friday nights from next week instead for the two weeks I am on Jury Service. I realise people may have other commitments but I am hoping some at least will be able to join me. I am sorry to be prescriptive but in reality any other date and time would elicit the same problem of peoples other commitments.

Finally, a big thank you once again for your support and enthusiasm. We have some exciting things on the way and regardless of whatever happens, the live Stream will become an integral part of HUG. It will just develop in ways that will support us when we are back playing together.

I wanted to get the Blog out early as we are having a family Barbecue today and so need to prep for every eventuality.


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