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HUG NEWS 52 5th August 20

Hi, I am sure like myself you are trying to get on with your life in the best way possible. Realistically, to be responsible it is about taking sensible precautions whilst out and about and thinking of others. Having a clear sense of who we meet up with and the circumstances. Assessing and mitigating risk is becoming a way of life. sadly there are elements of society who, as in any thing they do, only think of themselves with scant regard for others.

We visited the Fox and Hounds, Barnston, for Roses Birthday, it is one of our favourite places to eat. felt it was really well organised and safe. it was lovely to meet up with family. A bonus being the 50% discount!

hugukulele123, our latest venture into Live streaming was a lot of fun. True to say not without mistakes but hey it's just great to play live. Thanks go to Geoff and Sheila who have helped with the live stream what with all the precautions and limitations it entails. Really this is something we are not yet set up to do but I wanted to give it another go. It will become easier in the near future. We are gathering recordings of the live performances, at least when I remember to press record!

Requests, once again if you would like to request a song from our designated song list then you are very welcome to drop me a quick email with your favourites.

HUGUKULELE YOUTUBE CHANNEL, Our Youtube channel is now up and running and will become an important resource for us in two ways. Firstly, it will host the Quick Learning Lesson Videos supporting our Quick Learning Friday Lessons. Secondly, we will post videos of members playing Open Mike and Original songs.

I have now linked the HUGUKULELE YOUTUBE CHANNEL to our website. Go to the Member Area and open the dropdown menu Quick Lessons. Here you will find a clickable link to our Youtube Channel titled - Get Started. Note: please do subscribe to the Channel, in this way you can click "Like". This is how Youtube works and likes will be important for us.

There is also now a link to Twitch on the Home Page of our website, this is an easy way to join us on our channel hugukuleletv123 on Twitch. This is especially useful for new people, friends or family who want a quick way to view the Channel or are not familiar with how to join streams. Remember our web address for website is:-

Talking of our website: Do have a fresh look at the whole of the website because there will be regular updates and additions. I am keen to highlight that the website is very much the go to resource for the group with access to Music, News, Blog Information and Photo Gallery. And now it is the portal to our Quick Learning sessions and the accompanying video demonstrations which are linked to our Youtube Channel.

You will find that the website design and layout is being refreshed at the moment. This reflects that it has been in existence for nearly three years. Thanks go to Graham who has undertaken to do this for us. Graham, my partner in crime in Fading Horses is the Marketing Manager for Wirral Chamber of Commerce and is using his expertise to improve the site.

Our Blog will always contain update information for you about new changes, new innovations and upcoming Friday Streams so it is important to read it as soon as I have notified you that I have posted it.

HUG and LETTUCE QUIZ, a big thank you to the stalwarts of our Tuesday night quiz for making it an enjoyable and fun evening with a not too serious quiz. Its never too late to join in. We have general knowledge and music questions as well as the excuse to play along to some of our favourite songs, chat and to reminisce about the music of the 60s and 70s and things about our life at the time.

Quick Learning, we will continue to use our Friday Quick Learning Lesson time to build our skills. Friday at 10.00am is the time for the Lesson. As the title suggests they are deliberately short, about 15 to 20 minutes each one. As explained, they will cover a variety of subjects all designed to encourage you to expand your skills. I will use a combination of downloadable worksheets, live demonstration and video recordings.

Our first Quick Lessons have helped us to learn the song Let It Be in a more complete way. (go to the Member area on our website and click on the drop down Quick Learning Menu, (here you will find all the necessary instructions and details). We broke the song into different parts from Strum to a variety of Riffs that, depending upon your stage of development or desire to push yourself, can be played. A final demo video of the song will shortly be posted on our HUGUKULE YOUTUBE CHANNEL. You can then play along to this and learn the song and have a go at different more challenging Riffs at your own pace. The song lyrics and chords to Let It Be will also be placed in our Music List.

This Friday we will have our next Quick Learning Lesson, a new challenge for us!

The future, I do hope you will continue to support HUG and help to keep it going. I realise it is a challenge for all of us as we deal with not being able to meet up and the technical issues of joining the streaming. Compared to a lot of other groups who have not done anything to stay together we have lead the way. Just think, we sort of play together, we have a way for people to contribute via Open Mike and lately writing and performing original songs. We have a way of encouraging self development via Quick Learning. We have social activities, poetry and we are making new friends. we are here for each other.

We are innovating ways to play together, and will soon have more and more ways to stay connected and interacting together. All of this we have achieved together and whether you make a tangible contribution with streamed songs, Open Mike, Original Songs, Poems, Jokes or simply tune in and play along you are helping to support and keep HUG alive and well.

It will never replace our actual meetings but is the reality of where we find ourselves at this time and is only possible with your continued support.

Hope to have as many of you as possible joining in.


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