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HUG NEWS 53 12th August 20

Just when we think things are settling down restrictions on performing indoors are tightened with concerns over airborne spreading of the virus via singing!

It all just means we have to find ways of being creative and so I have been working towards ways that we can ensure we are staying connected.

YOU ARE INVITED! here is a special invitation for you, (and anyone else who wants to join us for this Fridays stream)

Remember, all song sheets available from our website

It has been a difficult time for us, as with other Ukulele Bands (most have done nothing) but I am determined to try and hold us together. This is only possible with the support of as many people as possible continuing to support our channel streams.

This concert is a small taster of the direction we will be able to go once the all singing all dancing system is up and running next month.

So Geoff, Sheila and myself look forward to you tuning in and playing along or just tuning in! Remember, all are welcome to join in with us, listening or playing.

Our website has been undergoing a make over recently, if you have used it you won't have failed to notice the changes. The aim is to add new features refresh the layout and add links to all sorts of media so as to make it really easy to move around our expanding social media. If you haven't had a look for a while please do have a little exploration and click on the buttons linking to other of our sites. Again, if you know others who might like to join in with us then this is the place to direct them to. They can then easily join us in whatever way they want for example there is now a clickable link to our Twitch Channel hugukuleletv123, as well as a clickable link to our Youtube Channel.

YOUTUBE! Our Youtube Channel is hereby officially launched! Proud that the Queen

(Of Tahiti) officially declared it open!

I know some of you have already viewed our channel but if you haven't yet then please do take a look at another resource which is there for you.

It is early days as I get to grips with using it and making it user friendly for us, so it will keep developing. The best way to access our Youtube Channel is via our website, that way you can simply click on the menu and follow the instructions to press where indicated.

Why Youtube? well I am getting ready for when we have our new streaming ability next month. Video will be a key part of this.

Also, we will move to more learning on line. When we are back playing together we will video record sessions and gigs so as to be able to access them.

This is a plea though, whilst it is possible to simply view videos, I really would like you to Subscribe to our Channel. Subscribing is entirely free but is the only way you can "Like" a video, its the thumbs up sign! We need to build up subscriptions to get the best from Youtube.

ORIGINAL SONGS. As you know we had some very creative original songs in response to my challenge to write songs. These have now been placed on our Youtube Channel.

Best to use "Playlists" from the Youtube menu to access them. You will find each song has been remastered with additional acompaniment plus its own video created by Graham Maddrell, my partner in Fading Horses. Take a look, I am biased but I think they showcase our groups talents and I am proud to be able to make them available to the world!

Quick Learning, we have dipped our toe into on line learning and combined with downloadable Lesson Sheets from our website, I am producing a short video to support each lesson. That way you can replay it to help you learn.

Finally, I know it is a frustrating time as all we really want to do is be together and play music and sing. Reality dictates that we cannot at the moment. We have a choice, just give up or find creative ways for us to interact and play together. Our live streaming enables us to do this and has served us well, it will develop further to become even more interactive but is totally reliant on people participating as much as they can.

If this is not for you and you no longer wish to participate in the live streams then please do let me know and I will ensure that you are taken off the general circulation email. In reality I want help to grow the Streaming Channel though.

Hope you are enjoying this glorious weather, I really hope to have as many of you (along with friends and family) join us each Friday. (and Tuesday for our quiz!)


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