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HUG NEWS 54 19th August 20

Well we have had some lovely days, a bit too hot for me but definitely not complaining! I am sure thoughts turn to other things than playing ukulele and for me its the xxxxxxxx garden!

Just as I get on top of things in one area it annoyingly keeps growing in other areas. How come weeds grow so quickly? I am considering having a weed garden and taking plants out. It does seem some weeds are very pretty to me so who decided they are a weed?

Also, having abandoned decorating the room I use as a studio in favour of streaming I now need to complete the decoration before my daughter (hopefully) arrives from Germany on the 3rd September. She has a holiday booked in Wales.

hugukulele123 live stream. we enjoyed playing our first gig at the HUG & LETTUCE last Friday. I hope you enjoyed participating along with Geoff, Sheila and myself. It was chaotic, warts and all. The three of us said it really did feel like playing a gig.

My thanks go to Geoff and Sheila who fell in with all the planning preparation and risk management required to go live.

It is frustrating that we cannot accommodate more of you but Geoff and Sheila being a couple are able to enter the house.

This is what is entailed, front door and internal doors and windows open, and an air filter constantly scrubbing the air. All surfaces sanitised. No one else visits our house from close of play on Wednesday.

HUG & LETTUCE Friday session, as I have named it will once again, (by popular demand!)

happen this Friday at 10.30 am. Your invite is attached including the songs we will sing and play. Hope you will be able to join us.

HUGUKULELE Our Youtube Channel goes from strength to strength. we are managing to post regularly to the Channel. Many thanks to those of you who have now subscribed to the channel and viewed the various categories of video. Thank you also for your support for the various contributions and for "Liking". This channel is a great way to showcase individual talents and contributions, sharing them with the world. Most importantly though it means friends and family can view your talents. It is just the beginning for us.

Challenge! The response to the songwriting challenge I set was brilliant and I hope you all liked the way we have developed them and presented them on our Youtube Channel.

However, mindful that not everyone felt able to make a contribution I thought I would set you a challenge of writing a poem. It can be on any subject, any length (within reason, not the Ilyad). It can rhyme or not, it's up to you. It would be great if people who didn't feel able to write a song for whatever reason felt confident to have a go. So by September for a deadline please. The poem can rhyme or not it's up to you.

Quick Lessons, thank you to those of you tuning in early for our Quick Lesson. A demo video covering each lesson is posted on our Youtube Channel for you to play and replay as often as you like.

This Friday we round off Country Strum by learning alternate picking strum to enhance the basic Country Strum. Country Strum gives a different feel to a song. We have been using Little Old wine Drinker for this lesson.

As I indicated, hopefully my daughter will be over in 3 weeks time bringing my new PC.

There will inevitably be a period of set up and then learning by me, largely because it is a whole new professional streaming system. I am hoping there won't be any down time. One thing I would suggest though is, if you do not already view on a large screen, it might be worth considering doing this as there will be more information on screen for you.Anyone who already does this and can help others would be great.

Meeting together, there is a lot of discussion going on at the moment. Clarification from the various parties involved is being sought. Key for us to consider and clarify is Government advice (in particular in relation to aerosol transmission by singing), social distancing, number limitations, Insurance implications and risk assessments both collectively and individually as well as by the venue. Frustrating I know but we are, for insurance purposes, classified in a vulnerable category. We will get there but in the mean time join us live at the HUG & LETTUCE Brunch sessions on a Friday. Don't forget the HUG & LETTUCE Quiz thats more than than a Quiz on Tuesday Nights at 7.00 pm.

Have a lovely rest of the week and hope to see you on Friday for another live stream.


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