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HUG NEWS 55 25th August 20

Brian and young Apprentice Luke Kulele (Star Wars)

I write in agony with lower back pain! (yes I'm after sympathy!).A combination of too many hours spent huddled over my laptop, gardening and lapsed exercising. So totally my fault!

Hugukulele123 live sessions. it has been fun to play along with Geoff and Sheila in our Hug and Lettuce Brunch Sessions! I hope you are enjoying the chaos of playing along with us. It feels as though we are together a little bit more. We have been steadily working through our songs whilst trying to keep the energy up and of course stay safe.

Rose has been cajoled in to videoing! Believe me that is a whole job in its self. I find myself running a tutorial on pressing record on the camera! All I have to do now is to get her not to talk whilst videoing. Also to get Sheila to stop making Rose laugh when videoing! Currently I am having to do an editing job on each video to edit these out.

Oh well, actually she has been doing a good job as I have been able to post them on Youtube.

Website enhancements. I have been busy making our website the "go to" resource for all things HUG. For instance, you can access Twitch straight from the website Home Page. You can view the videos for Original Songs from the dropdown menu "Original Songs" from our Music Menu. Now I am starting to link the videos for songs from our Live sessions. Go to Music and next to some songs you will see a clickable video button. This loads the video from Youtube. I will keep on adding videos as and when I have them. They are there to view, to play along to and of course to help new people know the songs. Videoing songs being performed will be ramped up once I have my new PC as it will be so much easier to do, I will try to involve more of you as well, restrictions permitting.

I hope this easy access will also encourage others to join in with us.

Quick Lessons, thank you for supporting these lessons, I hope they are helping your development. Again, I have linked the videos for each Lesson in our website. So as you access the Quick Learning from the dropdown menu in Members Area you will find that I have placed a clickable button to load the video supporting each Lesson directly instead of having to go to our Youtube Channel.

The aim of linking everything is to make our website the key facility for the group so that it is a one stop shop for everything HUG. It also means it is very easy for others to join in with us and even actually join HUG. Do explore what is now available if you have not yet done so.

HUG AND LETTUCE Tuesday Night Quiz and more. I will continue with the Quiz and look forward to more quizzing, singing along and playing. In a not too serious get together of friends. 6.50pm for 7.00pm start.

Our channel hugukulele123 will need to just mark time for a few weeks as it is not worth me spending time on it in its current form pending the new PC. Also means I can take a breather to be honest and cure my backache!

HUG AND LETTUCE, our Friday Brunch Sessions continue this week and here is the invite and songs list for you to prep. Of course everyone is welcome to join us (no excuse now you can join in via the website) We broadcast on an open access channel so anyone anywhere in the world can join us live.

On a sadder note, numbers of members tuning in indicate that only half our 47 membership actually do participate. It is a fact that other groups who have done nothing for the 6 months will no longer be continuing. All that we do is only worthwhile doing if there is strong support for it. The aim is to keep us together, something other groups have not done.

We have a unique way of virtually playing together and our on line activity is being developed continuously and will be a great way to support and enhance our live get togethers when it eventually restarts.

Quick Lessons, this is an example of how we are developing and adapting technology for our benefit. Learning lends itself well to being on line with close ups and the chance to learn at your own pace and in your own time and replay videos. This is a resource I want us to embrace and use to benefit our playing live together once we can. Techniques, hints, tips and learning new songs can be facilitated in this way.

I will be moving on From Country Strumming and will demonstrate some simple techniques for you to have a go at enhancing your playing in this weeks lesson.

Thank you goes to those of you who have been joining us from for the Quick Lesson. As always, I will post a video in support after the Lesson.

Videoing, as you can see video is now becoming more prominent for us as a medium. We will shortly have the ability to capture on video many things including the whole of a live stream, our Friday get togethers, when able to again. Even videos of performances for the public, hopefully in the not too distant future.

There are many things that I have planned but will hold off on them for now.

Poems challenge, I have received some poems so far, thank you to those contributors.

I know though more of you can write a poem especially those who perhaps thought song writing was too challenging. I really would like people to have a go, let your creativity go, you are not being judged, it is not a competition but you may find challenging yourself to do something you had never considered doing can be fun.

Do record your poem if you can, it is best read by yourself as you know how it is intended to sound. we can do it for you if this is rally something you cannot do though.

So far so good. I am hopeful that Kate will not fall foul of Quarantine regulations coming from Germany with the PC. She travels by car through Holland, Belgium and France. So long as she does not break her journey it is ok. Filling the car entails finding a self service pay at the pump facility. Holiday? it sound more like planning a military campaign!



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