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HUG NEWS 6 5th September 19

Hi all, a quick Blog before I go on holiday (No, still haven't gone yet!).

First of all a correction from Blog 5, I should have thanked Trish and Sheila for singing Four Strong Winds, apologies, Geoff and Sheila sang When I'm dead And Gone. Sorry to all concerned but thanks for great vocals.

Members Section

I have removed the need for a password for the Members Section now. The password was a temporary necessity that is now not needed. If you haven't had a good look there are all sorts of hints tips and videos for you, whether you are new to Ukulele or a seasoned player. I will add to these from time to time.


I have started to prepare our Music Page for when we play Gigs, which will be soon. You will see that I have simply put a G for Gig by the side of some songs. These are the songs that form our Gig list. When we play it will be a selection of these songs that we use. The actual songs and how many we play will be decided by when we play, the audience and how long we are playing for. We would also need to decide the order we play our selected songs closer to the Gig date and those playing informed.This list will change from time to time. For example around Christmas time we will include Christmassy songs.

I am suggesting that we use a Sign Up Form for each Gig so that we know we have the numbers to be able to do the Gig. As always its a personal choice whether you play at a Gig.

When we play we will encourage a contribution to a Charity that we wish to support. Please give some thought to a worthy Charity that we can adopt.

Have a great few Fridays, see you all soon.


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