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HUG NEWS 63 21st October 20

How will you look back on this year? I guess each of us have a story to tell and I can't wait for the time that it is just a memory and we can start each conversation with remember when............ The main positive for me is that it has been an opportunity to learn new skills that I never dreamed I would need. Also the opportunity to practice the uke more than I reasonably would has been beneficial. Certainly gave me an excuse not to do the gardening! It is funny but I have come across people who previously were playing but openly say they have not picked up their ukulele since the lockdown, just seems so odd.

hugukuleletv123, I hope you are embracing what we are now doing and enjoying playing along. I have tried to keep things interesting for you with other items. I genuinely do not know of any other group who are doing what we do. I have to confess that it is mystifying why some members of HUG who used to tune in no longer do so. I guess though it is not for some people, it can never realistically replace the buzz of socialising and playing together.

It is though, what we make it and I thank you for your support and creative contributions, you make it all worthwhile. Remember, please send selfies of you playing along for our photo gallery.

New Songs, I m having to be creative around new songs and have added Imagine and Brown Eyed Girl to our playlist of videos. The Song sheets are now in the Music Menu on our website.

Also as soon as we are able (resolving file transfer issues) we will have new songs. Sadly we have been stopped from video recording new songs but there are always other ways!

HUG SOCIAL, I hope you are enjoying our refreshed Tuesday night format. It is good to see so many of you joining in. I will keep on switching things around and adding items to keep things fresh whilst keeping some things as stable. I am aiming to keep the evening different to just a uke session, hope thats ok. Using the spin the wheel is a lot of fun, just sods law that the same songs keep coming up! For technical reasons we are probably going to have to shelve using the Audio recordings that helped us in those early days. Have to say a big thank you to Geoff and Sheila and everyone who contributed with audio recordings. I hope you are enjoying trying out new songs. As long as I can find appropriate videos with chords and lyrics it will work. This way we can add to our playlist. When we are back together they will be songs we can learn as a group, so plenty incentive to practice them.

QUICK LESSONS, we have covered a lot over the past weeks around enhancing our playing. This week a new subject for us. Thank you for throwing yourself into the lessons and I hope you are taking things from the sessions.

Poems, I hope you are enjoying hearing the poetry contributions, more to come.

If you haven't as yet had a go then I hope the contributions will inspire you to do so.

No time limit on contributions. Thanks to all who have sent in poems they are great.

Open Mike is now back on the agenda so get busy video recording songs that are not featured in our songfests. Remember you can play any instrument it doesn't have to be ukulele. I always joked about playing songs on the piano when we were at Heswall Hall but now in the comfort of your own home you can actually play on a piano, if you can that is!

Halloween, next week it will be close to Halloween so I may see if I can find one or two appropriate play along songs.

Setup, I have been busy with Kate setting up things on the PC, won't bore you but extra camera, email linking, and ways of automatically dealing with different video formats in readiness for receiving video downloads from you. This is to save you having to file convert as it is likely you will use differing formats amongst you. Also, I have upgraded my Dropbox account so as to be able to receive more videos and to enable me to allow you to send a file direct to my Dropbox without the need for you to have a Dropbox account. It's not practical to attach video to an email.

Well thats all for now, stay safe and hope to see as many of you on Friday.


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