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HUG NEWS 66 11th November 20

As we continue with the restrictions it becomes more and more apparent that the implications for peoples mental wellbeing is profound. We are all so different but it must be doubly hard for those who thrive on social interactions or for those who live alone and the chance to meet up with others is a big part of their life. For us meeting up and playing music together is a big part of our lives, however we have to do it. ( I am actually an introvert and so am able to find creative ways of recharging emotionally on my own).

Hugukuleletv123 our channel is at long last starting to get some recognition. After the trial stream there is a lot of interest in what we can do for the U3a. More of that in a moment. It was good to be able to feature some newly recorded videos of favourites for us to play along to. I don't know about you but it adds another dimension when you see songs being performed. Thanks go to Geoff and Sheila for continuing to boost our catalogue of songs.

I am starting to get to grips with video editing now (see another benefit of being an introvert!) although it is very time consuming there is a lot of satisfaction learning new skills.

You will notice that I am continuing to feature our new song Dancing In The Dark, this is so that it becomes embedded in our playing. We will introduce new songs on a regular basis to help keep our song list fresh.

Hugukuleletv123 as I said previously the U3a at long last now have at least some understanding of what we do. There is a desire in the U3a that we become more accessible to the wider membership. With this in mind they want to include on the U3a website a direct link to our streams so that the wider membership can join us if they wish. The other significant thing is they want us to run an event for Christmas!

Christmas stream. So I am excited to inform you that we will be streaming Christmas songs for the U3a on the 21st December at 10.30am. Now the work begins!

Over the next few days I will finalise what I am needing from you but suffice to say it will be videos of Christmas songs performed individually and in duos or who knows even more!

PLEASE THOUGH DO NOT JUMP THE GUN AND START RECORDING UNTIL I HAVE FINALISED WHAT IS REQUIRED OF YOU. Dig out your Christmas songs and have a cheeky practice but don't record anything for me as yet. As Arnie says "I'll be back".

Of course there is an opportunity to get creative with some Christmassy poems as well.

Contributing Videos. On the wider note of videos I am aware that we have a core of contributors who we are all so very appreciative of. I just want to say if you have not made a contribution but would like to then you are very welcome to do so. I know it can be daunting initially but of course the beauty of being at home is you can have as many tries as you like and if its not right just scrap it! No one knows. But hey, the buzz you get when you produce something that is ok is great. We are not looking for perfection, we are looking for embracing the joy of being involved. I think we know by now that the support and love for all contributions is genuine. So if you have never given it a go but would really like to, just jump in and you will be so pleased that you did. The philosophy of the group is - developing to be the best we can or want to be.

Guidance, I will shortly place some guidance notes on our website in the Member Area for you when you are making a video recording

Now if you still feel a song contribution is too much for you then why not a simple 30 second video message to the group, who you are and a message to the group. I can then stream them out over the weeks.

HUG Social, I was proud last night to present our Open Mike Premier. A very big thanks to all who contributed songs, they are brilliant, thank you for the time and trouble you went to.

It was an honour to work with you on the songs and a lot of creativity in overcoming the constraints of playing together yet remotely. Fair to say like most things that make it to screen, the amount of time spent producing is huge but It was for me worth it to be able to do justice to each of your contributions. For those who tuned in and watched and chatted, thank you all for doing so. I feel sure that the warmth and appreciation you sent to the contributors was well received. We had a record number tuning in so thank you.

Later today I will switch the videos to Public viewing on our Youtube Channel for you to enjoy.

Also, there are some of the songs that we may like to feature in our playlist so I will be adding song sheets to our website at some time.

Poems, please do keep sending (or if you haven't as yet send )in your poems for us to listen to, they are so creative.

Quick Lessons, thank you for tuning in for the lesson. I realised that I probably confused you at the end with a step too far on musical theory! Sorry. Hence I re recorded a video of the lesson minus any theory. So if you haven't had a look please do it is more straightforward. We are looking at the importance of 7th Chords at the moment (without the theory!).

Blues Course, the amount of time needed to produce the Open Mike material has limited the time available to me to progress the Blues course. Thank you to those signed up and I will be in contact very soon to progress things.

Well that's enough from me. Stay safe and wash your hands, wear a face covering and keep your distance!

See you Friday.


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