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HUG NEWS 67 18th Nov 20

It is fair to say these times will live long into the memory. Each of us has experienced the whole gambit of emotions, ranging from joy, to sadness. It is a test of our resolve to pick our selves up dust ourselves down deal with whatever comes our way and importantly, be there for each other. Rose wanted to thank you all for holding us in your thoughts at this sad time.

Hugukuleletv123, we can be very proud of creating an online community where the special talents within HUG can be realised. Ironically I doubt we could have released the latent talent without the circumstances we find ourselves in. Just look at your achievements, writing original songs of such quality, creative poems, open mike contributions, songs to play along to. Special events and evenings embraced by so many. You have all excelled yourselves and I am sure like myself, have developed new found skills and confidence. So whatever the future holds we will treasure our positive experiences gained from adversity and build on them in the future.

This leads me on to those who would like to make a tangible contribution but don't feel able or confident to do so. I realise that it can be quite daunting yet there are various ways to be involved. To start off with I have placed some notes for guidance on the various ways you might create a video. At our HUG SOCIAL I talked about how this can work.

Whether you feel able to video yourself performing a song or simply miming along to another performance they are all welcome. Also, you could shoot a brief 30 second video saying hi to the group and sending a message. I can play them throughout our sessions.

I have posted a Note on our website in the Member Area giving guidance on how best to create a video contribution either on your own or in collaboration with another.

In recognition of all that Geoff & Sheila do for us, I have created for them their own Album called," Withe You". It is one of the Playlists on our Youtube Channel. Featuring Original and Open Mike contributions by Geoff & Sheila, enjoy.

HUG SOCIAL, I will continue to use our Tuesday night social to try things out. Most importantly, new songs will be premiered here. Along also, with any appropriate learning to help embed new songs for our song list. Last night for instance we were able to feature Love Potion No. 9. a song we picked up during our Halloween feature.

Selfies, ok so I am nothing but persistent! I am still looking for selfies to place in a "Rogues Gallery". Photos of you playing along to a live stream would be great. I want to build up a record of these times on our website.

Christmas Stream, as I informed you last night, things are progressing to prepare for our Live Stream to Heswall U3a on the 21st December. We have a list of songs to perform and you will find them on our website in the dropdown menu under Music. Now we need to get busy recording performances of these songs ready for the stream. If you fancy doing a song from the list then let me know.

Not unnaturally, whatever we do for the Christmas Stream will need to feature festive attire, festive backgrounds like decorations or trees.

QUICK LESSONS, thanks again for joining me on our journey of discovery into 7th Chords. we have been exploring how we can play shapes to make other chords by learning or using the skill of barring all 4 strings. This can be a tricky thing to get right but is worth the effort so as to be able to play chords up the neck.

BLUES COURSE, I was pleased to be able to make progress with those who signed up. We now have our very first Lesson this coming Sunday. It will be a tentative start as this is a whole new way of teaching and learning. I am sure it will be chaotic but will settle down over the weeks.

Nomination, finally, let me say I am truly humbled and shocked that you have taken the trouble to put my name forward on your behalf for what we are doing. It means such a lot to be thought worthy of such a nomination. I am simply in the accidental position of being able to provide the vehicle for all your wonderful talents, its all of you who make HUG a reality.


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