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HUG NEWS 9 15th October 19

A massive thank you to each of you for everything you put in to performing on Monday at the U3a Meeting. I know for some of us it was a first time and boy what a first time! I really hope our first timers have caught the bug of performing for people. It is true that the audience is very much on our side, its worth remembering that they would love to be able to play and perform like you so will always be appreciative. After all how many people have you heard say I would love to play a musical instrument! The difference is you have gone out and done it. The feedback I received was very positive and amazement that it was our first time playing for an audience! Just think not many Ukulele Groups get to perform on stage and in front of so many people!

Logistically it was a challenge for us and so became impossible to get all those who would like to come to the front to sing so apologies but I am sure we will now have other opportunities to get people involved. Thanks goes to Geoff and Sheila for volunteering to take along the PA early as I was away for the weekend and travelling back Monday morning. Thanks also goes to my Wife Rose, who had to get up early and travel back with me so as to be at Heswall for 9.00am (it was either that or get a bus from Nantwhich!).

At the close of the Monday meeting I had 16 names of people who want to take up the Ukulele so I will progress this as a new learner group as it is no longer practical for us to absorb new players. I may be looking for assistance! This is very much the experience of other Ukulele Groups within the U3A. Southport for instance have three separate groups!

Gigs We will have requests coming in for us to play gigs and this is something as an interest group we need to address. Some of the things we need to clarify are, is this something we want to do? If yes, how do we handle smaller gigs where we cannot all be accommodated? In line with U3A requirements we need to be clear when we raise money, we can do this but need to make it clear that they are donating to a charity and not Heswall U3A. The money raised is then sent from "The Members of Heswall U3a" and not "Heswall U3a", this is to comply with the Charity Commission. If we raise money do we want to have a nominated charity, if so which one, ones? Etc.

On the subject of Gigs, so as to help prepare ourselves for possible gigs, at our Friday meet, can we please request songs for us to play only from our nominated gig list songs, cheers.

Christmas Songs We will ease ourselves into Christmas songs starting Friday. Hopefully you have access to the Christmas songs from our website, they are listed on the right hand side of our music list. We will learn two maybe three. The aim will be to have about a dozen that we can call on to play. I will start us off with a couple of songs then we can all agree what others we want to learn over the coming weeks. You will find that Christmas songs give a good opportunity to expand the chords you play as they have less standard chords in them.

Website just a reminder, there are resources in the members area for you to have a look at, take a look and see if there is something to help you or peek your interest.

Christmas Meal hopefully as many of us as possible will be able to attend the meal at the Fox and Hounds. If you have not made your choice of meal as yet then it will help if we can do this as soon as or at least over the next few weeks so as to help Dot and Sheila who are kindly organising this for us.

Really look forward to our Friday get together, see you as many as possible.



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