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Hi.all a huge thank you for your contribution today. Thank you for applying yourself to the learning points. I believe this is what will differentiate ourselves from other very worthy uke groups. I don't know if you had a chance to hear how we sounded (difficult I know when you are concentrating on playing) but it sounded really great! you should be proud of yourselves, we are developing a distinctive sound and it will only get better because of the positivity in the group. Didn't get a chance to welcome new people today, so welcome. I hope you like what we do and are encouraged to develop your playing (and singing) to be the best you can be or want to be.

Both Ripple and Four Strong winds are coming on great. As you get more familiar with songs you perhaps have not heard before they will become second nature. Don't forget to correct your copy of Ripple from a G chord to a C Chord.

I have posted the photos of us in the Gallery on the website. We will try and post more from time to time. We have a strong percussion and Bass foundation now and this will help us as we play, so thanks to Claude, Barry and Mal.

We were missing a number of members today who were either unable to attend due to commitments or holidays. We have a really healthy Group now and whilst it would be great to have an unlimited membership the reality is both constrictions on room size and sheer logistics of running the group mean we must open a waiting list for competent players. This way we can ensure that we learn and grow as group and help each other develop.

I am tentatively exploring starting up a new learner group within the U3A. This will only happen if there are sufficient U3A Members wanting to learn and would be run separately to HUG 1. So it would be either current members of the U3A join or, people interested become members of U3A first and then HUG2. It would have a specific start date so that everyone learns together, it would not be practical to have people join after the start date though so the commitment to attend the sessions would be paramount. These are just thoughts I am sharing with you at the moment.

For those of us playing over this weekend I wish you all a great time.

Geoff extended the invite to come down to the Thurstaston Caravan Site event and watch the fabulous entertainment, highlight is Silver Saddles.

Also, Wallasey Cricket Club have an open event on at Wallasey Cricket Club (no surprise there) Wirral Ukulele Fanatics will be entertaining from about 1.00pm. A few of us play in the Fanatics.

I will post again on Wednesday ready for next Friday.

Cheers and once again, thank you for your energy and enthusiasm.


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