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HUG UKULELE 48 8th July 20

Hi, it feels like a false dawn at the moment. Some people seem to be behaving as if everything is back to "normal". It does seem balancing risk or the dangers to other more vulnerable groups is not the first thing some people are considering.

The grants and loans for the Arts tells us that activities such as ours are not going to be eased in the near future.

Hugukuleletv123 First of all let me say I am so sorry for the problems with the stream. Fair to say that for the first time in months since we started streaming I am feeling frustrated at the problems. The battery died on me in my iPad and I got that replaced in a few hours. that was a relief as thats where the recordings play from. Now though the internal speakers in the Apple Mac have an intermittent fault (the Mac does all the streaming of sound and picture) that disrupts the sound causing the sound to pulse.

It might be that I have to stop streaming whilst it is repaired, I will keep you informed.

I am hoping to reconfigure things for Friday. So if you are notified I am streaming thats what is going on. If you join the stream then please do chat how things are sounding it will help me.

Original songs, it was good to hear the other songs and thank you to all who created a song or even songs! I have been working on tweaking them with Graham my partner in crime in Fading Horses. Watch this space.

It is great to have our friends from Bury supporting us and last night we were also joined by Kate Moss! Kate lives in Cumbria and has just taken up the ukulele during lockdown. She said she stumbled on us whilst searching twitch for Uke groups. Pity we had problems but she is going to join us on Friday. I have said at whatever stage she is at she is very welcome.

I will ask her to chat hi so we can welcome her.

Quick Lessons, thanks to those who joined us early at 10.00am for our first lesson. This Friday I will do lesson 2 it will build on lesson 1. the aim is a quick 15 minute lesson.

I will be adding to the strum and chords covered in lesson 1. Certainly help if you have practiced the strum and chords in lesson 1.

Lesson 2 will use this and I will show you some options for Riffs to go with the strum and chords. The options will be at 2 levels, an easier one and a second slightly harder one for those more experienced or those looking to challenge themselves. Both riffs are valid and when we play together will be used. All revealed Friday. I will post the Lesson 2 on our website in the members area, I will let you know by email when I have done this.

Right keeping this short and sweet because i have so much to do in set up.

Stay safe and hang in with me it will get better! I am determined to sort out things as best I can until my new computer is built and brought over from Germany.


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