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LITTLE HUG NEWS 2 2nd April 20

Hi all, just a few things to bring you up to speed on.

Corona virus just a reminder to keep checking in on the information in our Members Area. It is constantly being automatically updated and added to. Thanks to Claud for this.

HUGUKULELE123 I am very much looking forward to our live stream having dipped a toe in the water last Friday.

SONGS FOR FRIDAYS 2nd Live Stream.

These are the songs we will play along to plus some other features on the day:-

Order not yet decided, A Teenager In Love, Dirty Old Town, Enjoy Yourself, Folsom Prison Blues, Never Shove yer Grannie off the Bus, Teach Your Children, Eight Days A week, Blowing In The Wind.

10.30am Friday is our time together. I have been busy putting things together over the last week, I must be the only one with a garden like a jungle!

I have had huge help from Geoff and Sheila, thanks go to them for helping out with songs to stream. Roger has been learning new skills of recording bounced songs for us to enjoy playing along to. Dot for taking upon herself to contact people who are unable to join us on line. Lastly my daughter Kate who sadly has more time on her hands as her business has bombed during the crisis. Kate has now set up controlling my laptop remotely from Germany and that is speeding up the necessary technical bits that allow me to broadcast. It is a relief to not have to do things I don't understand, (I do know more than I did two weeks ago though!)

In this weeks live strum I am hoping to add some features along with our live strum so do tune in!

As the Boy Scouts Motto Be Prepared! I think it would be helpful to start a HUGUKULELE123 folder for the songs we are streaming so that they are readily available.

As we build our strum along library we will be able to start playing requests and so having potential songs to hand will speed things up.

Pen and Paper you might want to have pen and paper to hand on Friday.

Summer Strum, not surprisingly the Summer Strum for this year has been cancelled. They are going to do strumalongs using Zoom. Just a word of caution, Zoom is a very unstable platform and is open to security issues. Including people having their computers hijacked or attacked by hackers whilst using it. I will not be using it so won't be joining in the strum along regrettably. I value my daughter and her partners advice they are both involved in utilising IT.

One thing the Summer Strummers are going to do is feature some of the acts who would have been performing. I will feature in our live streams, recordings of one of the bands each week.

Apollo Music, most of us know Apollo Music in Birkenhead and buy stuff from them. Jamie and Lyn are great supporters of live music and certainly support our group. I have sent them a message from us wishing them well and telling them that we will be back supporting them as soon as we can.

Just been to Tesco early this morning. Saw this guy who's trolly was full to the brim with hand sanitisers, toilet rolls, soaps, in fact everything people now need!

I called him selfish, gave him the lowdown about the elderly and healthcare workers, etc, who need these kind of items. told him he should be ashamed of himself!!

He replied: thats all well and good mate, but I work here. Can I carry on filling the shelves now?

Easter, well don't know where the last few months went but Easter will very soon be on us.

This is an early heads up for next week....

I want you to be creative and FUNNY! I am looking for you to create an Easter Hat, suitably, (or unsuitably!) decorated, the more absurd the better!

Take a photo of you in your hat and send it to me I will post them in our website and the best in our Blog, (judges word is final). Then next week I want you to wear your hat as we strum along, (remember the hidden camera is watching!

I just can't stop listening to Sinatra, Perry Como and Bing Crosby......

I think I have Crooner virus.

Alan Jackson has used his time working on his design for a yoga chair. It doubles as a porta loo!

Photos, I have not really received too many more photos of what people are up to so get creative, the funnier the better. You must have done the garden and DIY now!

Just a point regarding videos, thank you for sharing with me, I have not posted them because firstly they take a lot of memory and secondly I cannot vouch for the the source of where the video has come from. They are funny though!

The Owl and the Pussycat were playing Pool. The Pussycat fluffs a shot and says ,

Gggrrr! Two hits - and the Owl says, Two hits to who?

Recorded messages, I am hoping that some of you will record short 30 second or so messages that I can then include in my Friday Streams. To remind you, there is an App called Voice Record Pro that you can use for this. You would then attach it in an email and send it to me. The App has an option to do this included. I have asked Roger to write a brief note on how to do this if you are unclear. I am hoping to put this in our members section soon.

Cheers and stay safe


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