LITTLE HUG NEWS 3 5th April 20

Internets down, no problem, Degree in

Smoke signals comes in really handy.

Friday Stream, hi, well we got through Fridays stream by the skin of our teeth! We dropped out a couple of times through internet problems. It looks like Friday mornings are high demand.

Kate has been tweeking speeds and stability over the past few days and we have been test running for prolonged periods. I think we have to be prepared for dropping out from time to time. I will give a warning when I get a red for danger signal, the only option is for me to shut down and reboot everything, so that is what happens when you lose live transmission or the picture freezes or sound is also lost. Just do the same, switch off and log back in.

I am learning all the time. I was watching two screens and experiencing delay in my headphones, thats why I stop sometimes. When we stream Kate is Angelvids, she is monitoring our stream and also is ready to deal with any unwelcome idiots trying to wreck the stream.

Quizzing, right being a glutton for punishment I am going to trial a Tuesday Night Quiz at 7.00pm. So if you fancy taking part then join me. It will be a variety of topics, not just ukulele based. I am aiming for 4 categories including Audio Clips. On our website I have posted a blank answer sheet form for you to use. It is in the Members Area. You need to print off the form, give yourself a Team name, (if you are on your own then just use some make believe team members! You never know they might know things you don't).

Be creative with Team names!

You will record your answers on this form, then at the end of each topic I will give you the answers, I know you all have so much integrity that you will not cheat!

At the end of the quiz I want you to email me your scores for each topic, so 4 totals in all.

I will keep a league Table covering the next 4 weeks and will keep you informed as to who is in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

We may even finish off with a couple of songs so ukes at the ready.

In your community, If there are things going on to support neighbours let me know.

I live in a close of 7 Bungalows and have decided to have a singalong on Thursday night after the Clap for Key workers and NHS. We are fortunate that there are 3 people who play instruments, should be fun.

Why not do something similar? You are so fortunate to have a skill of being able to play, why not give it a go. and don't forget to video and take photos.

A big shout out to Sheila who is one of the Governments 750,000 volunteers! Well done.


We've just had a delivery of dog food!

We now have enough for 3 Months

2 Months if we feed the dog as well!

Two old ukulele players Bob and Dave were sitting on the Porch (socially distanced) during the virus crisis discussing old songs.

Bob said do you remember Little Red Rooster?

Dave said "You catch it and i'll pluck it"!

A sandwich walks into a bar.

The barman says, "sorry we don't serve food in here".

Thought of the day:-

Why does mineral water that has trickled through mountains for centuries have a use by date?


Hoping for some 30 second messages in time for Friday. Instructions on how are on our website.

Easter hats: chance to be creative (and busy). Photos please!



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