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LITTLE HUG NEWS 4 12th April 20

Thanks Sheila

Hi and a very Happy Easter Holiday to you all. (not very much different to every other day but hey lets pretend!)

If you have been out exercising or going for a vital shop how many people are saying hello, smiling and extravagantly ensuring they respect social distancing when they pass you?

In adversity we reconnect with what is in actual fact important in our lives. It certainly isn't the relentless accumulation of material things. If you have a moment to look into it, put in your search engine, google or whatever you use to search the internet, MASLOWS HIERACHY OF NEEDS.

Covid -19 Updates, If you are like me you are suffering from information overload on this from "experts" BUT a gentle reminder please do continue to check in on Clauds excellent updates posted in our Members Area on our website from time to time.

Welcome, a big HUG welcome goes to Val Gillam who has joined our group, she becomes the latest member, and the most unique as she has joined in unique times. I know we will make her very welcome and look forward to meeting up in person soonest.

hugukulele123 Thanks to all who are tuning in to our live streams on Friday mornings. It is a lot of fun to be involved in. I am now getting better at manipulating the various bits of kit so can relax a little. Again, I know she appreciates your thanks (because she sees your messages as she monitors our stream) but my thanks also to Kate for her support.

More on next Fridays Live Stream in my next Blog.

hugukulele123 Quiz night, If you would like to join in we will be running another quiz night on Tuesday at 7.00pm. I PROMISE IT WILL BE EASIER!

This Tuesdays Quiz night is being hosted by Eve and Jill who will be providing a virtual Hot Pot supper and virtual Cocktails respectively. Of course they will be providing photos and descriptions of what is on offer! and of course recipes!

Over the weeks we will develop our quiz night but think chaos and not too serious and an opportunity to have a little drink (that doesn't have to be virtual!)

A blank answer sheet can be downloaded from the Member area of our website, so pens at the ready! We will play a couple of songs from our stream song list, so ukes and songbooks at the ready!

Easter Hats, thank you to those who got involved and sent in photos, not too late to send one in. I have put the photos in our Gallery on the website, Your opportunity during live streams to register your Likes.

Mission for this week! all you creative people out there I want to see photos of Your favourite fluffy animal, (I know we've all got one!) wearing a face mask and any other safety gear! There is a massive virtual prize for the most creative!

Messages, I still think a few more messages to play during our stream would be nice. It's quite easy to do using voice record pro and our Head of IT Roger Drake is standing by to assist you.

It was nice to hear from Linz and Jamie from Apollo Music, good friends and supporters of all we are doing. Also, to Maddie my partner in crime in Fading Horses.

Eve busy producing items for NHS Staff to make having to wear masks for prolonged periods more comfortable, well done Eve!

Finally photos and such, any photos or information you want to share on social activities going on in your road or community would be good. Also, photos of you whilst participating in our live stream would be nice to share.

As always, stay safe and if there are people who you know would like to join in then the more the merrier, let's see if we can get people from other places in the world joining in!



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