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LITTLE HUG NEWS 5 19th April 20

Hi all, hope you are all well and adjusting to life in lockdown or even isolation. We are all finding ways of passing the time and I hope being creative. Its certainly a test of relationships for some. Special shout out to those of you who are on your own, you are in everyones thoughts.

HUG UKULELE, hopefully you have received your invite to our 1st Birthday Celebration on the 2nd of May. We all would loved to have had an actual celebration but hey, we will have a really good virtual party and look forward to the day when we can have the real party, its postponed not cancelled! I hope as many of you as can will join us on line, seasoned Twitch Streamers and perhaps some yet to join us. The details of how to join Twitch hugukulele123 channel are in the members area on our website.

Those of you with people who are joining in on live streams, please do extend the invite to them, they are very welcome as guests.

Now as you can see, we have kept the theme simple to an Hawaiian Themed night. So plenty of time to get creative and prep, dress, decorations and of course drinks!

I will tell you more over the coming week or so.

hugukulele123, our streams are attracting more people, we had 41 on Friday and thats great but anyone can join in. we had a slight glitch but seemed to get over it mostly. I am afraid until I can upgrade the equipment I am asking my computer to do something it is not designed for (thanks to Kate for working her magic). I have lots of plans going in to the future as I see streaming as being a way to enhance our normal face to face sessions once we get back to whatever normal is.

hugukulele123 Quiz Night, If you are yet to join us on a Tuesday night for our quiz, where have you been? We meet in the virtual pub THE HUG AND LETTUCE at 7.00pm for a not too serious 60s themed quiz. Come and join us, all you need is pen paper, computer and of course your favourite drink.

We also have themed virtual food and drink. this Tuesday we have delicious fare from Mongolia, thanks to Roger. I will publish the Recipes as soon as I can.

Sadly, we probably now all know people affected by this awful virus, some sadly known to us losing their fight for life. Kates partners Father lost his life after a two week struggle.

Also, perhaps not someone who is widely known but John Prine a singer songwriter, died 0n April 7th, he wrote some very clever songs and widely covered by other artists, RIP

So a little thought form us to all who have sad personal experience of the virus.

And finally!

Still looking for:-

1. Soft Toy Photos - complying with lock down rules or social distancing (or maybe being naughty and not complying!) -

2. Your Claim To Fame - I gave my example of being on stage with Led Zeppelin. Anything in your life but (must be true!).

3. What you are doing to help others. (I will share these in next HUG News. I have a couple so far.

4. And finally, ok it seems that apart from the usual suspects, most of you are shy or reluctant to send me a recorded massage that I can stream to the group. If it's a question of not knowing what to do then Roger and Barry can help you. Promise won't ask again!


In the haste to get the live stream up and running I used my own personal email address. I receive about 30 emails a day from various sources and have found it hard to pick up on some emails from group members, especially when it becomes a thread as without opening the thread I don't realise the message is there.

So, it would help enormously if HUG can use our own email address that was set up with the website, that is

These emails go to a separate area and so more easily picked up.

So please use for anything to do with HUG. Thanks for you help.

Stay Safe, see you live Tuesday, Fridays.


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