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LITTLE HUG NEWS 6 26th April 20

Hi, am I the only one not bored with lockdown? Just have so much to keep me busy and seems to have fired up the creative thinking! There are so many possibilities with streaming. Especially when I can upgrade the kit and video stream as well. So watch this space for other things you can get involved with, (or not, always a choice!)

hugukulele123, thanks once again for all the contributions to Fridays live stream and of course to everyone for tuning in and making it so enjoyable and worthwhile.

Hug & Lettuce Tuesday night quizzes seem to come round very fast. I will start work on next one later today. Its great to have a solid core of quizzers but its not too late to join us, its never too hard and is mostly about just chatting and having a good time (and a Drink!)

Claim to Fame, thanks to those who have contributed so far, more would be great. We all have a claim to fame I am certain. Another one from me, I have played at the original Cavern (not the pretend tourist one now!). All original graffiti on walls original from famous bands and in dressing room.

So go on your turn don't be modest, we all want to know.

HUG 1st Birthday Celebration, this is coming around quickly. I am starting to hear little bits of what people have planned! This maybe a virtual celebration but I hope you will enter into the spirit (get it!) of the night with Hawaiian dress appropriate creative food if you can, if not then sausage rolls and sandwiches it is! Whatever, I am expecting a lot of photos to be taken and shared.

So next week will be a busy week prepping so I will be emailing you as we get closer to Saturday keep checking emails.

From Wednesday I will temporarily disable the Members Area on our website so as I can post things to it for Saturday. I will then open it and let you know by email that it is open for viewing.

One thing decided is a list of songs we will play. So as to keep things moving on the night this list will be made available for you to download the songs and put them in order ready to play through the evening.

So more to follow, when I know!

Liz Davenport, an update on Liz condition. She remains in Hospital with a perforated bowel and is showing slight improvement but is on an intravenous drip with antibiotics as they do not want to operate if they can avoid it due to underlying conditions. She has been tested for Covid - 19 but that is a matter of course on going in to Hospital, no results known at this time.

I have sent Liz our collective love and best wishes for a speedy return to health and of course our group. I sent her an ecard with our best wishes and love.

Right, so necessarily short and sweet today with so much to do.

Look after yourselves and get creative for the party!

Ps. I will post Claims to Fame in next Blog so still time to get yours in to me, also thanks to Susanne Powell for her tongue in cheek clarification of the guidelines on lockdown, social spacing etc. issued by the authorities, which I will also share in Blog (with the necessary warnings! Just in case anyone is tempted to try Donald Trumps remedies!)


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